BOSCHE: ‘Indian Kitchen Ka dishwasher’ Campaign


BOSCHE India has come up with a new video campaign named ‘Indian Kitchen Ka dishwasher ‘The motive behind the video is to the usage of the dishwasher and the structured ways to use it. The video is now trending on the social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and also the Google display network platform is used for the campaign.

The campaign videos highlight the Indian kitchen premises and the utensils. Through this video, the company can show how it will be useful to the kitchen. The Indian cooking habits and cleaning the utensils are different so the company has to show the difference between this technology and traditional thinking. The video campaigns are made for making the customer attractive to choose the product and how it will be useful in daily life.

 The series of videos are created to express the uses of the dishwasher and how it makes life easy. In a video a couple has been using a hygienic feeding bottle for their baby that’s washed on the Bosch dishwasher. In another video a mother – in – law is struggling to wash a vessel that is filled The other video by stain and the daughter – in – law showing another shining vessel that is washed on the dishwasher. The rest of the videos are also showing up how the dishwasher assist to make the works easier. In the advertisement there are 3 steps for washing process are showing, Pre-wash, wash and dry, So it highlights that the company ensuring the utensils will be maximum cleaned.

Now the people are more concerned about health, because of the spreading of viruses and other diseases so there is no compromise to keep hygiene. The BOSCH dishwasher ensuring the safety to the customers that the dishwasher will keep hygienic the utensils and protect from any viruses and all. Neerj Bahl the managing director and the executive officer of the BSH home appliances said that Before the COVID-19 the dishwasher business is new to society and Now the situation changed and people want more hygiene in life so the dishwasher business will get more business than expected.

BOSCH India will  make a change in the lives of  Indian peoples who are struggling to wash the utensils and to keep it cleaned


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