Vasmol Launches their latest Hair Colour Shampoo


After the iconic ‘Surakshit Kaale Mere Baal’ campaign, Vasmol comes up with its latest campaign for its newly launched product- Vasmol Ayurprash, a herbal hair coloring shampoo. To millions of Indians, Vasmol has been the best and most trusted name to hair coloring. The ideology of Vasmol is care-first, all their hair products reflect the philosophy of care.

Vasmol encourages all to take as good care as they do for their loved ones. This is why we are taking the initiative to ensure that any Vasmol product provides optimum care. 

The company operated by the Hygienic Research Institute has been in the haircare market providing hair dye and beauty oils for more than six decades now. The company’s portfolio comprises many products such as Vasmol Ayurprash Shampoo Hair Colour, Super Vasmol 33 Kesh Kala, Vasmol Henna, Vasmol 33 Kali Mehendi, Super Vasmol Amla Shanti, Vasmol Black Hair Oil, Vasmol Rootz Almond Hair Oil, Vasmol Jasmine Premium Hair Oil, Vasmol Advanced Crème,  Vasmol Brahmol Hair Oil, and Vasmol Yogiraj Ayurvedic Thanda Tel.

Vasmol empowers men and women trying to ensure the best self-care. Every product in their wide range of hair colors and care. Vasmol offers the usage of a mix of natural ingredients rooted in Ayurveda delivered through modern, innovative techniques that make self-care effortless.

The brand claims that the herbal hair coloring ammonia-free shampoo is available in Natural Black Shade for Rs 20 and it colors the hair in five minutes. It has the goodness of Ayurprash – a mixture of herbal extracts, including Amla, Hibiscus, Methi, and Bhringraj, which nourishes the hair and provide deep-rooted care.

The joint managing director of Hygienic Research Institute, Ashish K. Chhabra, said the product was launched taking into account the ‘personalized‘ use of it.c “Customers can do it themself, using their own hands, in our own room. That is what people are looking for despite the present pandemic scenario,’

He also said, “The promotion for the product is currently being carried out in three states – Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana.” We have begun with a state-oriented promotion and will expand it to the national level soon.

Chhabra pointed out that since they have introduced in sachet formats 25 years ago the use of such items has hiked. Which shows that customers prefer Sachet packets more than the bottled products.


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