‘Vim what a Player’ campaign features Virender Sehwag


 Hindustan Unilever’s dishwashing brand Vim has launched a campaign  ‘Vim What A Player‘  aimed at breaking the dishwashing stereotype in households. As a chance to crack the age-old stigma surrounding dishwashing. With this campaign, the brand looks at the Covid-led drive of male involvement in household tasks.

Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag has been featured as the protagonist in this campaign by the brand, demonstrating how easy it is to solve any dishwashing obstacle with Vim Liquid. As IPL commentator Danny Morrison’s cricket commentary ran in the background, a taste of IPL was introduced by making Sehwag wash the dishes.

The campaign communicates the practical advantages of the product to the men who actively assisted in the chore but recently discovered the problem areas of dishwashing and how it makes the dishwashing chore simple. The campaign will be broadcast during the current IPL season to convey this message among males further.

 If it comes to men sharing the responsibility of household duties, India has slow progress. That’s because a higher earner has the traditional role given to men, whereas women are mostly seen as homemakers. As a consequence, in India, women engage in a large amount of unpaid domestic labor. The lockdown in India has prompted more men to engage in essential house works.

However, for years now, advertisers have sought to bring more balanced gender roles to the fore and incorporate them into their marketing campaigns.

Prabha Narasimhan, Executive Director and Vice President, Home Care, Hindustan Unilever, said, “Traditionally, dishwashing in India as a task has been inequitably distributed among the family.” The role is primarily undertaken by, and, sadly, seen as the work of the homemaker. The campaign ‘Vim What A Player’ is based on this experience and in agreement with our global ‘Unstereotype’ movement.

Sunetro Lahiri, associate vice president, creative, Glitch Media, said, “Our aim was never to build a narrative from a creative rendition point-point-of-view one is applauded for doing what is ostensibly a life skill. Rather, we wanted to normalize the practices where it is hammered again and again as second nature. And who better than Sehwag to hammer down to the pavilion, himself”.


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