Bhumi Pednekar joins hand with WOW skin science


WOW Skin Science, MakeInIndia’s skincare and wellness brand, revealed its partnership with Bollywood actor Bhumi Pednekar. Currently, Bhumi is the brand ambassador for the collection of skincare products for the brand. Bhumi, known for continued advocacy for climate change, will now be the face of the collection of skincare offerings from WOW Skin Science, featuring a multitude of items from cleansers to creams and all in between.

 Bhumi Pednekar said, “What drew me to this WOW Skin Science collaboration is that they have efficient and high-quality goods that are readily accessible and affordable for all target groups. The beauty of ‘Clean & Green’ has seen a rise in popularity, and WOW makes it open to everyone! I have always believed that progress starts with you, and WOW provides the stepping stone for that.”

Bhumi’s climate warrior sensibilities are a great fit with the environment-friendly and sustainability-conscious brand ethics of WOW. Speaking about this, Madhur Acharya, WOW Skin Science Senior Manager-Business Development, said, “We are pleased to welcome Bhumi to our WOW family!  As a company, above anything else, we have always concentrated on our customers’ needs, and we have tried to provide efficient and qualitative skincare solutions across the entire spectrum.

For our skincare line, this partnership with Bhumi helps us improve that even further. Bhumi’s activism for sustainability and climate conservation is in complete harmony with the WOW philosophy of being pure & normal and giving back every step of the way to mother nature. We are looking forward to working closely with her. With its 200 plus items aimed at helping customers with their skin and hair care issues, the company is focused on serving a wide variety of consumers. The digital medium has played a significant role in the consumer strategy of the company.

As an organization, we have always concentrated on the first digital strategy to meet the maximum number of customers and have succeeded greatly. The next stage of customer interaction is our relationship with Bhumi. Our skincare collection will be endorsed by Bhumi with her radiant, glowing skin to resonate and inspire people across the country. Madhur explained.

WOW is completely safe, plant-based, and eco-friendly, right from the packaging and down to the product formulations. Bhumi, the brand ambassador, inspired by this reality, has made the products a part of her skincare routine.


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