OnePlus unveils ‘Shot On’ spoken word poem featuring Kalki Koechlin


A new film named ‘Stop at Nothing’, a spoken word poem featuring actress Kalki Koechlin, has officially been unveiled by OnePlus. Released on the Blush YouTube channel, the video highlights its need for constructive use of the technologies around you and emphasises the importance of taking the time to disconnect.

Lightstream, the branded content studio operated by Rainshine Entertainment, developed the video. The OnePlus 8 T 5 G was filmed entirely to highlight the video camera capabilities of the handset and the flagship model’s versatility, two weeks after its official unveiling.

The poem was written by Koechlin itself. ‘Stop at Nothing’ illustrates the downsides to becoming hyper-connected and emphasizes the need to isolate, while reiterating use of technology and digital media to build, link and interact platforms for what they were meant.

OnePlus has acknowledged the need for digital awareness as a brand and believes in designing products and functionality while being mindful of how consumers will engage with these characteristics.

A press release notes that making the software ‘burdenless’ is a core concept of product design at OnePlus, and is aimed at developing technology that makes it useful to help one perform tasks, instead of something on which one becomes dependent.

OnePlus has also developed tech advancements to foster digital mindfulness, such as Zen Mode, which focuses on having a fast break each day from your smartphone. Then there is Work-Life Balance that enables you to switch among Work Mode and Life Mode to monitor the alerts that you can see on your screen, helping to prevent disruptions by separating the tasks on your device.

Siddhant Narayan, Head of Marketing-India, OnePlus, speaking on the campaign film, stated, “We live in a time when our phones were becoming our one-stop destination for all, from work and latest news to entertainment and interacting with loved ones.” As a brand of technology, we know how important it is to view our equipment as a self-extension to help us improve innovation and efficiency, not something we rely on.

He adds that the company expects to make individuals aware of using technology for their advancement with this film, emphasising the value of disconnecting from time to time.

“Sharing her perspective, Koechlin says,” As we all continued to remain indoors since March, the way we consume content has changed completely. Personally, for a variety of things, including cooking, exercising, reading and exploring new interests, I used various social media platforms. Besides, being a new mother, it was also necessary for me to find a balance between work and retaining the mystery.


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