Voltas Beko refrigerators can keep up the vegetables for 30 days


Our desire for something nutritious and fresh, including the vegetables in our refrigerators, has intensified the COVID pandemic. Not that it was any different before, but now, because we don’t want to leave our homes to buy vegetable week after week, we want to keep our greens fresh for a longer period. On average, vegetables are usually kept in refrigerators for a whole week.

Well, now you can store your favourite vegetables for as long as 30 days in a refrigerator and they’ll always stay fresh. In 2018, Voltas Beko, a Tata conglomerate brand of kitchen appliances, reported that its refrigerators are now equipped with “NEOFROST Dual Cooling and StoreFresh that keeps vegetables and fruit fresh for 30 days.”

Old ad

A descriptor reads on Voltas Beko’s website, ‘… It keeps your food crisp and nutritious by reducing temperature variations and maintaining moisture levels steady. In India, where the weather can change very quickly, it is even more important.

New ad

Voltas Beko introduced a new advertisement in October on the very same lines … StoreFresh technology keeps up to 30 days of your fruits and vegetables fresh! The company ran the hashtag #TestedByRealMoms in both the old and current ad messages.

Amar Wadhwa, founder and executive director of CrystalEyes, a brand and marketing consultancy, said: ” In the absence of any analysis verifying the period of the claim, this ad could, perhaps, also be asked by ASCI (Advertising Standards Council of India) to justify the basis of the claim.”, he added! About an old Samsung ad (2009) dragged up by ASCI because it said the fruit and vegetable tray had a UV-type light that made them grow.

What’s important to remember is the decision of Voltas Beko to roll out the ad at this time when ‘unlocked’ is in India. To say that you can store vegetables for 30 days, in another way, goes back to the beginning of the lockdown caused by COVID when people bought vegetables in bulk under the guise of purchasing panic.

 Practices that offer comfort at a reasonable price seem to endure. One such habit that can remain if you have a good storage/refrigeration facility is buying vegetables in bulk, says Gauri Chaudhari, co-founder of Brand Innerword, a consultancy for healthcare brands.

She said that residents of the housing society bought fruit and veggies directly from farmers, due to the lockdown. Homemakers also had no choice, as the direct farm-to-home supply did not occur every day, but only on weekends, but to carefully store them before the next delivery arrived.


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