Mondelez India introduces Cadbury Chocobakes


Mondelez India propelled a campaign #KahanGayiCadbury? Mondelez is introducing Cadbury Chocobakes Choc Layered Cakes. 

The organization said Cadbury had vanished from social media pages, bulletins, print advertisements, signboards, and sadly from the assortment of the Asia record-holding Chocolate Wrapper Collector, Devam Baghel. Be that as it may, the inquiry remained – #KahanGayiCadbury? A puzzle that has the web humming, with individuals missing Cadbury and inquisitive about where it could be. A few superstars were additionally observed telling stories of their missing Cadbury, it included. 

Every one of these occasions highlights a major puzzle worked by Mondelez India. In any case, In the center of this disarray, Cadbury Chocobakes approached to guarantee that it knows the response to #KahanGayiCadbury? The mystery was divulged at the #SweetSecretParty facilitated by the notable famous people Gaurav Kapur, Aparshakti Khurana, Shibani Dandekar, Neeti Mohan, Shivesh Bhatia, and numerous anxious fans. The response to #KahanGayiCadbury? – Cadbury is currently in a Cake, with the dispatch of Cadbury Chocobakes Choc Layered Cakes. 

Sudhanshu Nagpal, associate director- marketing (biscuits), Mondelez India, stated, “With #KahanGayiCadbury actuation, we needed to fabricate interest among buyers and have them envision a world without Cadbury. This turned into an ideal segue into the reveal of the most up to date expansion to the Cadbury family – the new ‘Meetha Chhupa Rustom’ Cadbury Chocobakes Choc Layered Cakes. Following this fascinating actuation, a 360-degree battle will additionally bolster the dispatch, taking the Meetha Chhupa Rustom thought a stage forward.” 

Conceptualized by Mondelez India and Ogilvy, the film exhibits a sweet holding second being shared between a senior sibling and his more youthful kin, wherein he looks at the child’s qualities to that of the Cadbury Chocobakes Choc Layered Cakes. Much the same as the cake that he nibbles into, which shows no trace of a shrouded layer of dissolved pleasantness, the child also appears to be very blameless until taken off alone with his sibling. The lively shrewdness goes to the front when the siblings share a private second a lot of like the cake that uncovers its mouth-watering pleasantness once being chomped into exhibiting that there is a ‘Chhupa Rustom’ or ‘Sweet Secret’ in every one of us. 

Akshay Seth, group creative director, and Chinmay Raut, senior creative director, Ogilvy India, stated, “This is a coordinated crusade in the genuine sense. An incredibly fascinating secret stage that made the country wonder #KahanGayiCadbury as we made the famous Cadbury logo vanish from different brand resources, print promotions, directional signages; even roped in Asia’s record-holding chocolate covering authority. Praise to the customer and our gifted group for getting this going practically for the time being. The uncover was Cadbury stowing away in a cake, the freshest part in the ChocoBakes run. The dispatch film for the equivalent rejuvenates the brand recommendation of Meetha Chhupa Rustom with a truly vital, enchanting film featuring an insidious infant, one that makes certain to take its place in watchers’ souls.”


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