Coca Cola sets foot in the immunity segment with new Minute Maid Beverages


Coca Cola, the American multinational beverage corporation has entered the immunity segment and has announced the launch of its latest products under its Minute Maid brand – Minute Maid Vita Punch and Minute Maid Nutri Force.

In the current situation of a global pandemic, the consumers’ priorities are changing and their tastes and preferences are also evolving. Consumers are now looking out for products that are safe and that promise to enhance their immunity. So companies are now taking essential steps to keep up with the changes. Coca Cola, in line with this trend of shifting consumer preferences will launch two fruit based beverages that prioritize the consumers’ nutrition concerns.

The launch is also being considered as the company’s strategy to boost its at home consumption segment, a segment which was significantly affected in the current global scenario.

The expansion also supports the Indian farmers as the fruit based beverages are made from locally sourced fruits. Through these products Coca Cola India aims to fulfill its commitment towards creating a Fruit Circular Economy by supporting the Indian Agri-ecosystem.

The company claims that its new product Minute Maid Vita Punch, currently available in the mixed fruit flavour, is enhanced with vitamin C, zinc and several other essential vitamins required to boost immunity.

The second product, Minute Maid Nutri Force, consists of soluble iron, zinc and other important vitamins. It is currently available in two flavours, apple and mango. The product also promises to enhance the cognitive ability in children and supports in the development of their mental acuity and improves learning abilities by providing them the necessary nutrients.

As per Vijay Parasuraman, VP, Marketing, Coca Cola India and Southwest Asia, the brand  is taking steps to understand and evaluate the customers requirements and is developing products that cater to those requirements. Consumers have become increasingly health conscious and are actively searching for products that solve their problems. Consumption of health drinks and fruit based beverages has risen significantly in the past few years.

Currently the brand is focusing on digital and social media advertisements and the products will be available in the market from August 15th.


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