Monk Entertainment develops a ‘Money Heist’ marketing campaign for Scaler


Monk Entertainment executed a spectacular comic moment marketing campaign for Scaler Academy to subconsciously create a desire for Indian software engineers to upscale themselves.

With the imminent release of the well-known Netflix series Money Heist, the Monk Entertainment team decided to produce a sketch based on the plot. Karan Sonawane aka Focused Indian is the campaign’s lead, along with some of the top Marathi digital content makers like Sidhant Warfare, Harsh Rane, Vrushali Jawale, Sushant Ghadge, and Shravan Kshirsagar.

The plot centers around a Professor (Karan) teaching software engineering classes at an Engineering College and guiding his students through a robbery. It is up to the Professor to crack the code and uncover a vault full of valuables. However, the Professor’s coding abilities are not as advanced as he says.

The story twist happens when one of the members, Virar, played by Harsh Rane, cracks the code that the Professor was unable to crack and opens the vault. In the sketch, Virar can be seen watching a Scaler film while the Professor keeps the gang waiting.

Speaking about the campaign, Aishwarya Kerkar, Monk Entertainment’s Manager of Content Development and IPs, stated, “At Monk Entertainment, our approach to branded content is fairly simple: We regard Brand’s Customers as Audience first.”

For us, the protagonist/main hero of the tale we are serving must be a brand’s target client. While conceptualizing the sketch, we found that the approach described above worked well for us.

“This is the precise target population, Scaler Academy wants to speak with as an online tech diversity,” says the sketch’s protagonist, the professor, who wants to lead a successful robbery but has no coding skillset to achieve it.  

We are thrilled to have worked with such a terrific and incredibly brilliant ensemble of Marathi creators to bring this drawing to life. Their humorous timing and acting method added to the overall hilarity of the sketch.

In response to the initiative, Ranjeet Kumar, Head of Brand- Scaler at InterviewBit, stated, “Moment marketing is a vital lever in our brand strategy; however, being one of many does not imply we will raise the social clutter.

” So, as a brand, we naturally choose instances in which we have a strong and distinct point of view; Money Heist with the professor provided just that kind of opportunity.

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