Monteria Village awards its communication mandate to Mavcomm Group


Monteria Village, modern belonging with the resource of the use of prominent hospitality entity Monteria Resort Pvt. Ltd. has nowadays furnished its blanketed communications mandate to a collective led with the resource of the use of Mavcomm Group, a blanketed communications consulting organization working with some of the top worldwide and Indian producers.

They have hospitality houses in the scenic place of Khalapur and can experience a new, advanced lifestyle in a village. Mavcomm Group is imposing the mandate in a collective with a professional communications consultant within Anagha Nabar’s adventure, hospitality, and lifestyle.

Located in Raigad district’s Khalapur town, the quick to open Monteria Village is probably nurturing surroundings that flora its traffic withinside each day lifestyles, culture, cuisine, entertainment, artwork, and historic beyond of an Indian village.  

Every age company will discover a path that will lead them to their inner child and, in turn, connect to their good roots. Mr. Rahi Vaghani, Managing Director, Monteria Resort Pvt. Ltd said, “Monteria Village is a mission close to our heart. Our middle lies in nurturing the land and appreciating its bounty.

Surrounded by the resource of the use of lush green expanses that are farmed using age-antique and contemporary-day agriculture practices, the traffic of Monteria Village is probably really exposed to its grounding electricity.   

They welcome all to watch agricultural practices or to pluck their non-public food. For such an exciting concept, we favored a group that instinctively understood our ethos and determined a tremendous partner in the Mavcomm group that showcased deep expertise of our requirement and came up with revolutionary solutions for our positioning.

Anand Mahesh Talari, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Mavcomm Group said, “Every as quickly as in a while, you get to the artwork on a mission that is close to your non-public heart.  I fell in love with Monteria Village as quickly as I entered it and for my part resonated with the ‘Back to your Roots’ positioning of Monteria Village.

We are probably using a mixture of Public Relations, Visual Communication, Influencer Marketing, ATL, and BTL sports activities to talk about the story of Monteria Village.

With the brand communications electricity of Mavcomm company, we decided to moreover add professional communications professional Anagha to the community in its use of the place will perform an essential function in the accomplishment of communications.”

Monteria Resort Pvt. Ltd. launched its first belongings in 2013, it is now an immensely well-known 60-room motel located withinside the outskirts of Mumbai. In 2016, they launched the unusual 5-mattress room villa houses for rent, and now in 2022, they plan to enter the experiential agro-tourism elegance with the resource of the use of launching Monteria Village. 

Monteria Village is ready to welcome site visitors but has decided to formally launch as quickly because the Omicron-brought on the spike in times reduces. As an open-air region, Monteria Village will offer a stable region for people to visit.

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