Montreux Festival 2022: India bags 4 Golds and 10 Finalists


After two years of unprecedented challenges, the 56th Montreux fete returns to its roots and continues its transformation. Festival-goers will once more experience the auditory pleasures of its two iconic venues, the Auditorium Stravinski and therefore the Montreux Jazz Lab, still because the electrifying atmosphere along the waterfront and on the terraces. New free stages will crop up, including the Ipanema, an open-air nightclub, the Super Bock Stage and its Biergarten in an exceedingly totally redesigned Parc Vernex, and an enormous array of innovative musical experiences to absorb at the Lake House.

Since its last “normal” edition in 2019, the Montreux festival has taken becoming an all-around active ecosystem to a full new level. Over the past two years, the various entities of the Festival have founded a wholly digital edition, built an implausible stage on the lake, organized two autumn festivals, inaugurated a brand new Festival license in China, launched a brand new vinyl collection, released a documentary mini-series and developed MJF Spotlight, a digital brand dedicated to the promotion of emerging artists. The Lake House are an incubator for diverse experiences and can embody the Festival’s transformation.

At the 33rd Golden Award of Montreux Festival, Indian companies won 4 Golds within the categories of Digital/Interactive, marketing, and Design. one amongst Europe’s longest-running and prestigious awards, Montreux Festival honors companies for excellence in advertising, media, digital, design, and events.

BC WebWise won a Gold within the Digital category with the web site for Vespa75 Bioscope. In marketing Cog Culture received a Gold for “Committed To Cure”‘ for Medharbour and Tree Design won Gold within the Design category for motion graphics on packaging for Tata Tea. Cog Culture won three Finalists for the category of 1, Osho Flexibles, and Medharbour.

HT Labs won two Finalists for OTT Play. “Montreux could be a place of world-class creativity,” said Frank Bodin, President of stage director Club, Switzerland. “As a musician, you’ve got to experience the Montreux fete. As an advertiser, you’ve got to own won a Golden Award of Montreux,” said Bodin.

The Golden Award of Montreux only awards Gold – there’s no Silver or Bronze – therefore the Finalist Certificate also carries lots of import. The Golden Award is an independent Forum committed to improving the quality of creative excellence in cooperation with the Institut for Future Science. It’s developed in conjunction with

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