Most popular IoT devices & Digital Revolution


Internet of Things or IoT is one of the greatest technological innovations the digital world has ever seen. People encounter numerous uses of IoT in their daily life ranging from smart home to digital health. Internet of Things is seen as a game-changer because of its ability to change the lifestyle of people.

Internet of Things is a simple concept that connects everything in the world with the internet. IoT plays a huge role in making the lives of people a much simpler thing and it would not have been the same without the internet. Taking the example of a cell phone, with which people used to talk and share messages through text never had the features of playing any number of songs and movies or displaying a book but all this is possible with the innovation of smartphones. This is possible with the help of the internet.

The usefulness of IoT is in various forms like wearables, smart cities, smart grids, industrial internet, and so on and hence is much talked and appreciated. The usefulness constitutes the rise in the number of users for IoT and because of this, there is a rapid expansion in IoT devices with 127 new devices getting connected to the web every second. Internet of Things devices

The most popular devices of IoT which are critical to the digital world are listed below-

Logitech Harmony Universal Remote

Logitech Harmony is a smart device that is useful for daily uses. This IoT smart device lets the users control the smart devices remotely from a single location. The device includes one-single active buttons and on a single click, the task is accomplished. Logitech Harmony reduces complexity and unnecessary dawdle at home.

August Doorbell Cam

One of the most effective IoT innovations that let the users answer the door from any location. The users not only get a 24-hour video recording but also checks the door constantly with motion captures done simultaneously. The installation process is one thing that has to be appreciated due to its speedy and hassle-free nature.

Nest Learning Thermostat

This IoT device helps to control the home’s temperature with ease. The device automatically manages the room temperature based on the user’s routine. The user needs to connect the device to the Alexa to give voice commands.

Google Home Voice Controller

The smart IoT device provides the users with features such as media, alarms, lights, thermostats, and many more functions with the user’s voice. The users are allowed to control TV and speakers. Things are done automatically with the help of this smart device.

Amazon Echo Plus Voice Controller

One of the most reliable IoT devices that manage and makes calls, plays songs, sets alarms, and to-do list for the users to make their lives much simpler and better.

IoT with its enormous contribution to the digital world has exceeded the humans in number and will lead the world with its power to connect the virtual world with the real world.


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