Use of AI for increased customer satisfaction and improved customer retention


The concept of marketing is present for several years now and has made several significant changes over time, with various new marketing trends coming up lately. One such trend has been the use of AI or artificial intelligence for increase customer satisfaction and to improve customer retention .

This emerging use of artificial intelligence has made and is been making a drastic change in marketing strategies.

Below is the list of AI trends that would benefit in customer satisfaction and improve customer retention.

  • AR/VR Technology:

Augmented reality and virtual reality are kinds of new concepts. In this, customers will be able to experience a product or service before purchasing through AR/VR technology. Interacting with a product virtually will attract a lot of customers and persuade them to connect with your business.

For example, if you are a real estate builder and are coming up with a new house concept of a building. Through VR/AR technology, you can create a prototype of the finished house and show it to the interested clients and investors.

This will help the customer get a clear picture of the product and increase the chance of sales.

  • Real-time interaction:

For retail marketing, customer interactions take place across every channel. Now, no customer likes to wait for days or weeks to interact with the business. Here, AI comes to the rescue.

AI facilitates real-time interactions, which enables instant conversation between the business and its customers.AI will not only listen to the customers but also provide valuable customer data.

  • Improved customer service:

Through the use of AI, businesses can offer personalized customer services to their users, such as custom messages, emails, calls, and notifications. AI can personalize the information of a customer at the right time. It can gather and keep the information separate for a large number of customers as well.

Unlike humans, the AI will study the way customers interact with the business and provide them with offers, recommendations, and content that they would like to see.

In 2019, digital marketing automation has been a business buzzword. 2020 will only see more startups and businesses emerging in this niche. Additionally, due to advanced ad targeting tools, the business will be able to effectively locate their target audience as well as reduce their corporate budget significantly.

Artificial intelligence will not only enhance the shopping experience for the customers but also let the businesses offer tailored services to their customers.


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