MTR Foods organized Cleanup Drive at Madiwala Lake in collaboration with Recykal Foundation

Cleanup Drive at Madiwala Lake
MTR Foods organized Cleanup Drive at Madiwala Lake in collaboration with Recykal Foundation

Bangalore, 5th June 2023: MTR Foods, a pioneer in packaged foods, demonstrated its commitment towards sustainability with the lake cleanup drive organized at the Madiwala Lake. On World Environment Day with the theme of #BeatPlasticPollution, MTR Foods partnered with Recykal Foundation, a prominent tech leader in sustainability and circularity, to enable the cleaning drive, making a meaningful impact on the local environment. The clean-up drive commenced at 7:00AM on 5th June 2023, at Madiwala Lake. Enthusiastic employees of MTR Foods actively participated in the initiative along with their senior leadership.The cleanup drive, dedicated to tackling the issue of plastic pollution, left a positive impact by improving the status quo of the lake. 

Madiwala Lake was once a vital source of drinking water in Bangalore covering an expansive area of 114.3 hectares. The lake is now highly polluted and littered with plastic waste. This highlights the imperative need for measures to curb and resolve plastic pollution to preserve natural resources. On this World Environment Day, MTR Foods has taken a proactive step to reverse the pollution, aiming to secure a cleaner and more environmentally friendly world for generations to come. 

On this initiative Sunay Bhasin, Chief Commercial Officer, MTR Foods Pvt. Ltd.  said, “MTR Foods is happy to contribute to the community and take a stand in the fight against plastic pollution and environmental degradation. Our commitment to sustainability runs deep, and we believe in giving back to the environment and the community that supports us. The cleanup drive at Madiwala Lake exemplifies our dedication to making a positive impact on the environment and addresses the global challenge of climate change. Through such initiatives, we strive to improve environmental quality for the community and inspire others to join us in creating a sustainable future for all.”

Ekta Narain, Co-founder and Chief Business Officer, Recykal said, “Recykal aims to channel 5% of India’s waste by 2030. In this endeavor, we strongly promote the participation of corporates. We are happy to see MTR Corporation’s commitment to sustainability. This initiative of lake cleanup is a small step towards the same.”


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