#MuteTheWorld with JBL headphones’ ANC feature


JBL, a global audio equipment company brought out its latest digital campaign #MuteTheWorld. The campaign aims to bring awareness about JBL’s active noise canceling (ANC) category.

ANC feature can control the level of ambient noise that the user wants to block out or let in. This feature allows the users to concentrate on the things they love without being distracted by the outside world.

As humans, we enjoy and want solitude. This feature enables users to mute the noise of the outside world that disturbs their inner peace. Now hearing becomes a controlled activity.

The campaign encourages consumers to overcome all voices that irritate them in an intelligible manner.  It is a sweet way of saying NO to things you dislike.

ANC is a noise cancellation technology that is applied in over-ear headphones. The speakers and microphones of headphones with ANC-induced technology dampen the noise in the background.

Active noise cancellation adaptive is another type of noise cancellation technology that works with Artificial Intelligence.

JBL headphones with ANC features are known for audio experience and punchy bass that is powerful, accurate, and deep.

These headphones with lightweight over-eye design offer sound quality and maximum comfort while traveling. It has a battery life of almost 15 hours which can be recharged in just two hours.

It is conceptualized and executed by Havas Creative Group India. This advertisement would establish JBL as not just a headphone category but a brand for the future.

The campaign focuses on the visual manifestation of female strength instead of a male presence or ambiance. The film demonstrates real-life applications and benefits of ANC mode in our lives.

The off-beat campaign with Havas traveled a different route from the conventional ways to encourage societal change. They tried to personify the technology as an intelligent woman whose mission is to cut unwanted noise.

The personification of technology as a woman breaks the stereotype of showing man as a solution for all insecurities. Thus, it celebrates gender equality.

JBL brand is a product of HARMAN company. HARMAN International is known for its lifestyle audio innovations, professional lighting, and audio solutions, design, and analytics.

Yogesh Nambiar, Head of Marketing at HARMAN India, said they are considered as a globally preferred sound company as JBL has almost 75 years of experience in audio creativity and innovation.

#MuteTheWorld campaign is both an innovative and intelligent creation. It smoothly amalgamates with the original vision of the JBL brand. The brand has a wide range of products in the market, especially when it comes to the category of noise-canceling headphones.

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