Shiksha Na Ruke: an initiative for continuous learning


IN10 Media’s Gubbare partnered with Smile Foundation to create awareness on how a small contribution through the Shiksha Na Ruke campaign can change a child’s life.

During the pandemic, the education of several children reached an abrupt end. Gubbare, a channel for kids in the IN10 Media Network, joined hands with Smile Foundation, a non-government organization (NGO), to solve their problems related to education.

Smile Foundation provides benefits and services to over 15 lakh children and their families every year. They take care of live welfare projects on education, livelihood, healthcare, and women’s empowerment.

IN10 Media is a popular network with diverse opportunities in the media and entertainment sector. The channel Gubbare serves the entertainment needs of kids. It provides a wide range of animated content to amuse children.

Gubbare channel created awareness to its viewers about the effect of COVID– 19 on children’s future lives. With schools shut down and classes shifted to online mode, children who did not have internet access or digital devices could not continue their education.

The campaign works to provide adequate steps for students to continue their studies. The different modes of learning include cluster classes in small groups by enthusiastic young volunteers, door-to-door distribution of study materials, telephonic counseling, and radio-based education programs.

Shiksha Na Ruke’s campaign takes every necessary step that catalyzes the transition of their education to an online learning mode by providing access to digital technology like tablets and projectors. This slowly led the country to digital India.

They aim to reach thousands of underprivileged children living in poor circumstances in rural areas of the country and give them every chance to acquire knowledge.

Mansi Darbar, Network VP – Corporate Strategy & Development at IN10 Media Network, said that children are the future generation. As a kid’s broadcasting channel, it is their responsibility to provide these students necessary steps for a bright future.

He also added that the partnership with Small Foundation is a step forward to contribute something fundamentally good for society. The popularity and reach of the Gubbare channel would impact in driving support to the Shiksha Na Ruke initiative.

There are almost 50,000 students from 22 states of the country enrolled across Small Foundation’s 201 Mission Education center as a part of the Shiksha Na Ruke campaign.

The future target of the campaign is to reach out to another 50,000 children living in poor conditions by providing access to education in the form of a blended learning model.

The organization counsels parents as well as trains educators to adopt a dynamic digital learning environment. It also provides one-to-one mentoring sessions. 

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