Park Avenue’s market influencer, The Viral Pitch


Park Avenue, a wing of the renowned Raymond Group and a leading brand in the men’s apparel, personal care, and grooming products category. Viral Pitch will provide high-end influencer marketing services to the brand.

Viral Pitch is an established and recognised influencer marketer with research, and analysis platform. Viral Pitch launched the #BeerCareForGreatHair campaign for Park Avenue’s Beer shampoo range.

Viral Pitch is helping the brand’s connection with renowned influencers in the digital space. It will also help the brand score engagement and reach amongst the enormous influencer base in the market.

The association will help identify the very best influencers for the brand’s campaign to increase visibility and gain engagement. The campaign will boost the brand’s recognition by utilising the power of Instagram and strengthening brand equity.

The campaign is welcomed warm-heartedly and positively by the netizens. The fitness and lifestyle influencers have excitedly collaborated with the brand. They share their experiences post using the brand’s Beer shampoo product range and the joy associated with having a good hair day. 

Influencers also actively post content about how Park Avenue’s beer shampoo has helped them enhance their appearance and made haircare effortless.

Viral Pitch is recognized for its expertise in the influencer marketing domain and has worked with many top brands like MPL, Kimirica, Wow Skin Science, Khadi Essentials, Kaya Skin Clinic, Vasu Healthcare, Proline, FILA, and CoinSwitch.

Park Avenue is a leader in the market. The brand offers top-quality men’s apparel, personal care, and grooming segments. Park Avenue is excited to utilise the new-age opportunities and strengthen our digital presence. 

To increase engagement for the Beer Shampoo product range. An innovative millennial approach like Influencer marketing is an apt choice.

Viral Pitch’s effective strategies and its exceptional skills and influence will help achieve that. The campaign will help increase the brand’s visibility and awareness. Park Avenue aims for engagement and a stronger connection with the target consumer base. Conceptualized creative campaigns for the brand will help achieve desired digital objectives.

Park Avenue is committed to providing the customers with the best of the best products and association with the Viral pitch will boost the brand’s engagement and outreach.

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