proclaims AI-based product “kWurd”

397 is an AI-powered Coaching as well as a Leadership Development Company. They are generally driven by their vision of developing the leadership coaching to be more personalized on the job, real-time as well as microlearning. To provide solutions to these, they have come up with three AI-enabled products to enhance communication as well as interpersonal skills. a fast-growing AI-Powered communication skills enhancer organization generally driven by data sciences as well as the cloud. Computing has recently announced its launch of its Artificial Intelligence enabled Learning & Development unit kWurd. It is an email Writing application AI coach application followed by Uspeek a tool to improve verbal communication skills. Global AI training market values at 956.5 million USD and they are expected to grow at a CAGR of 22.5% in the years to come. Myjen generally uses products such as NLP, sentiment analysis as well as data learning to provide more interactive and contextual feedback.

The Data Mining features of them allows us to show great insights across teams, institutions as well as individuals by delivering great business insights. Their expert team consists of 40+ years of coaching learning as well as exercise development. It also has experience of working with 50 plus corporate clients and 100000 trainees in and around 24 countries.
As we are getting back to normalcy emerging the Pandemic people have to adapt to new modes of working habitats, and hence technologies play a great role in maintaining their business communications.

They mainly include AI-enabled products and solutions that enhance communication as well as interpersonal skills. Mygen.AI apps such as uSpeek and kWurd use an AI interface to provide real-time, personalized coaching on written as well as Oral Communication skills which help in managing talent, soft skills training, and machine learning.

The specifications of the two AI-enabled products of are :
Kwurd: it is an Email writing AI coach application with distinct features such as an intuitive Interface and their enhanced powerful design. It assists the user in improving their communication style, clarity, writing style, empathy, sentiments, emotions, spelling, grammar as well as word statistics by Kwurd team.

uSpeek: is generally an AI-enabled tool which helps in improving their vocab’s as well as pronunciation. And from body language to word power in a more holistic approach


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