Nielsen Compass: Campaign outcome database launched by Nielsen


Nielsen the global measurement and data analytics company announced recently that it has launched Nielsen Compass, a strong database that optimises the global scale of the company to establish syndicated normative (norms) criteria for calculating campaign results.

The dataset covers key elements of the marketing strategies, including products, pricing, promotions and media channels that provide advertisement buyers, sellers, and agencies with a shared measurement language. The aggregate dataset is revised each year with approximately 25,000 ROIs for projects, 100 segments and 50 nations.

From their marketing strategies, C-suite executives demand greater transparency and effects. Equipped with Nielsen Compass, advertisers will make data-driven choices to maximise TV, digital content, display, social, search, print, out-of-home and radio cross-media campaigns to produce the best return on their advertisement investment.

Nielsen Compass-leveraged brands have been managed to steadily maximise and increase the productivity of their cross-media expenditures by up to 70% more than brands that have depended solely on market preferences and gut feelings for their media allocations. This dataset provides versatile methods of distribution based on consumer needs, including an immersive user interface, detailed reports with advanced file distribution estimates, and direct feeding into Nielsen’s media planning suite.

Being a marketer has never been a more competitive and demanding period. As marketers depend on incomplete data when making a decision on their cross-media strategies, particularly when trying to scale across nations and brands, billions of advertising dollars are wasted each year, said Matt Krepsik, General Manager of Planning and Product Outcomes, Nielsen. Our goal is to monitor outcomes across the world so that marketers can optimise their ROI, travel with pace and be budget-friendly. We introduced Nielsen Compass as a response to an industry calling for better assessment of outcome reporting.

In order to maximise advertising investment in a matter of days, Nielsen provides robust predictive outcome measurement by leveraging advanced machine learning methods that merge Nielsen Compass data and media allocation plans from marketers. Nielsen helps marketers agencies and publishers to optimise every ad dollar in their strategy with reliability, clarity and coordination across the media value chain with a localised lens by region, brand, category and media platform.

Advertisers and organisations are capable of making data-driven planning and budgeting choices collaboratively for greater portfolio scope. Publishers have scaled insights by working closely with media buyers to show their platform’s worth over another and monetize their ad inventory better.


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