#ProtectionFrontFootPe – Insurance plan from Max life


In partnership with Royal Challengers Bangalore, Max National Insurance Company Ltd. launched its most recent ad campaign. The brand new television commercial (TVC), starring ace squad members in a geared up avatar, aims to reiterate the importance of financial security in the form of term insurance to the millennial viewers, amid the complexities brought on by Covid-19.

The latest India Security Quotient Express survey conducted in conjunction with Kantar by Max Life found that during COVID-19, only 51 percent of digitally savvy, urban Indian millennials felt financially secure. The study also showed that during COVID-19 only 36 percent of millennials own term insurance.

The lively ad film shows a chat between the RCB players talking about the importance of physical wellness to play the front foot in the field. But, the players add, to ensure that one continues to play even off-the-field on the front foot, it is necessary to stay financially covered with a term insurance package. A defensive gear in the form of term insurance is required to safeguard loved ones against the financial threats and complexities of life, be it T20 or the year 2020. The ad further iterates that one can continue to charge #ProtectionFrontFootPe, off the ground, with Max Life’s term insurance with Covid-19 rider protection.

The ad film finishes on an inspiring note, inspired by the flagship advertisement of Max Life saying “You Are The Difference.” The same inspires viewers to protect the financial security of their families and it is you who bring a difference to your loved ones even in the middle of a pandemic, and they depend on you for survival-both emotional and physical.

In addition to the TV advertisement, the advertisement film is shown using digital media. With a collection of fascinating visuals, the advertisement is further leveraged across print media. Max Life, Director and Chief Marketing Officer, Aalok Bhan, said, “Covid-19 has created unusual circumstances over the past few months, impacting us emotionally and physically, while also bringing several financial challenges. Ensuring financial security has always been at the core of all efforts at Max Life.

Through the new ad campaign, we want to reinforce the value of term life insurance as the most basic and cost-effective type of financial security during such times. We plan to inspire their broader millennial fan base to safeguard their families by teaming with Royal Challengers Bangalore.


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