National Award-Winning Actor Sonam Kapoor is the Brand Ambassador For Options Market ‘Word To Screen’ At Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival

Sonam Kapoor
National Award-Winning Actor Sonam Kapoor is the Brand Ambassador For Options Market ‘Word To Screen’ At Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival

 Jio MAMI (Mumbai Academy of Moving Image) Mumbai Film Festival announces the new edition of its popular options market Word To Screen – a first of its kind platform in India where publishers and the literary community engage directly with filmmakers / creators to option stories for films, TV, and digital

Mumbai (India), September 21, 2023

National Award-winning Actor Sonam Kapoor, known for her eclectic choices of roles and compelling narratives, continues her role as the Brand Ambassador for Word to Screen this year at the Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival

Word to Screen Market is an options market that offers a unique platform to writers, publishers, and filmmakers to engage and option stories for various film formats. A first-of-its-kind initiative, Word to Screen, was launched in 2016 by Jio MAMI and has since served as a dynamic and inclusive platform that explores the synergy between the power of the written word and the magic of cinema.

Word to Screen aspires to build an ecosystem that makes it easier for publishers to pitch and filmmakers to choose the right kind of stories for the screen. In the last few years, we have seen a steady growth in filmmakers adapting books into films and web series, but the larger problem of reaching the right authors and publishers as well as selecting that perfect story is a long and tedious process. With Word to Screen, Jio MAMI aims to streamline the process, reduce the time, and improve the quality of stories that get picked by filmmakers. It brings together passionate professionals from the film and literary industries, fostering collaboration, exploration, and the discovery of new possibilities. Sonam Kapoor’s keen interest in books and sharp instinct for a great story, as reflected in her choice of cinema, make her the perfect champion for Word to Screen, aimed at exploring the fascinating intersection between books and the silver screen.

Commenting on her association with Word to Screen, Sonam Kapoor said, “As actors, we are constantly looking for compelling, disruptive and engaging stories that touch the hearts of the people. By supporting a platform like Word to Screen, I am taking a step towards ensuring the industry benefits from this initiative and we tell a lot more meaningful stories to our audience. As a voracious reader, I understand the power of an incredible story and how a well-written book can form the backbone of a compelling film narrative.”

She adds, “I would urge publishers, writers, and creators to make the most of this platform. I am excited to discuss the power of the story in cinema with authors and filmmakers at the event, exchange ideas, and hopefully be a catalyst to contribute to our industry that has given me so much. I am also looking forward to announcing nominations for the Book on Cinema award at the event; the award will be given out during the Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival.”

Within a few years of its launch, Word to Screen, has helped forge cross industry relationships and some of the books that have been optioned out of the market include Bhujia Barons by Pavitra Kumar, Indira by Sagarika Ghose, the Inspector Saralkar Series by Salil Desai, Strangers to Ourselves by Shashi Deshpande, The Ivory Throne by Manu S. Pillai, The Spectacular Miss by Sonia Bahl, How I Became A Farmer’s Wife by Yashodhara Lal, and Cold Truth by Nikhil Pradhan. 

Welcoming Sonam Kapoor as the Brand Ambassador for Word to Screen, Anupama Chopra, Festival Director, Jio MAMI, added, “Sonam is a long-standing supporter of the Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival and especially Word to Screen. I am excited and happy to welcome her back as the Brand Ambassador for Word to Screen. I am sure she will help us take this platform to new heights. The demand and quest for great stories are mounting, and this is a unique opportunity for filmmakers to directly engage with publishers and writers as well as collaborate to bring fresh stories to screen. A film is only as good as its script, and this initiative aims at transforming some of the best writing into great cinematic and digital viewing experiences.”

Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival is back with its on-ground edition after 3 years with a new vision to host the world’s biggest and most prestigious South Asian Film Festival. The festival is focused on building an ecosystem for new cinematic voices, facilitating the exchange of ideas, collaborations, and business opportunities, while bringing the best of world cinema to Mumbai. Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival 2023 aims to be a melting pot of top cinematic talent from across the world.

Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival will take place from Friday, October 27 to Sunday, November 5, 2023, in Mumbai, India.