Nestle Munch’s new campaign featuring Samantha Ruth Prabhu


Wunderman Thompson India, Nestle Munch has launched a new multilingual commercial in India with actor Samantha Ruth Prabhu across all southern markets. The TVC, which has been published in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada, was shot in the lovely backwaters of Kerala and urges young people to overcome self-doubt.

The video tells the storey of the first female skipper of the snake boat races, which had traditionally been a male-dominated sport. Samantha plays a young lady, a rookie first-time captain, who stumbles as the spotlight falls on her in the backwaters, of her hometown.

The path from self-doubt to self-confidence to discovering her Thaalam and guiding her team to victory is elevated by the narration. She discovers her Thaalam and uses it to overcome the odds piled against her on the big stage.

Senthil Kumar, Chief Creative Officer, Wunderman Thompson India, noted that no matter how prepared they are, they have all been in circumstances where the spotlight is suddenly placed on them and a moment of self-doubt comes in. It’s time to silence the doubting whispers in your thoughts with the crunch of self-assurance.

This brand narrative is all about replacing self-doubt with self-assurance. Don’t be a sceptic. Boost Your Self-Belief, Nestle Munch and Ka Crunch. 

Brand Munch has been a beloved brand across markets for decades, according to Joy Chauhan, Managing Partner, Wunderman Thompson India. Munch has an enviable customer following and status in the south of India. The weight of responsibility that a Munch communication bears are proportional to our customers’ devotion to the brand.

It’s more than simply a show; it’s something that takes a page from their rich culture and ends up inspiring as well as delighting their audience. All of this and more can be found in the Munch Thaalam film. They are extremely proud of their lengthy affiliation with Nestle’s fantastic brand.

This message aimed to refresh relevance and local connections for Nestle Munch in their Southern markets while bringing to life the brand’s spirit of Inspiring Confidence under Pressure, according to Shubhrojyoti Roy, Strategy and Planning Head, Wunderman Thompson India.

According to consumer research, “performance pressure” is a major source of strain that eats away at young people’s self-esteem. The Thaalam commercial is an entertaining reminder to drown uncertainties with a loud crunchy bite of Munch and stay confident on the spot, thanks to a lovely juxtaposition of traditional local flavours and a contemporary narrative.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu, a South superstar, expressed her excitement at being a part of the MUNCH campaign and expressed her agreement with the ad’s main theme. She honestly believes that their self-assurance is what allows them to overcome the numerous challenges they confront daily. 

She thinks that by launching this campaign, they will be able to motivate young people to overcome their fears of self-doubt and replace them with self-confidence and self-belief.

The campaign is presently airing across all major television networks, as well as mobile and social media platforms.

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