Netflix iOS app to offer an external subscription option to avoid Apple’s 30% tax


A new upgrade to Netflix‘s iOS app will include an external subscription option, which, if selected, will direct users to the company’s website. According to rumors, Apple has been charging a 30% tax on in-app transactions made through the App Store for quite some time. 

Not just Netflix, but Spotify also offers an external subscription option to iOS users. When the user selects the subscription option in the Netflix app for iOS, a pop-up window reminds them that Apple is not liable for the transactions they make.

After the user chooses to continue, the app takes them to the official website where they may complete the remaining steps of the membership purchasing transaction. Because of its in-app transaction approach, Apple has been in the news and is being examined all over the world. 

Apple has already been accused by EU regulators of deterring consumers from using alternative mobile wallets. In India, the business has also been charged with a similar offense. 

In the Netherlands, the Cupertino tech giant allowed dating apps to skip in-app transactions while still requiring them to make reduced-rate commission payments on any outside purchases.

The modification came in response to a 2021 Telecommunications Business Act revision in South Korea, which prohibited big platform owners such as Apple and Google from pushing developers to use their first-party in-app payment systems. Google and Apple also argued against the measure, with Apple stating that it would make it more difficult for its customers to control their purchases, jeopardize their privacy rights, and expose them to fraud.

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