Neuberg partners with M S Dhoni to create awareness about health & wellness


Health and wellness are interchangeable. Although someone cannot have one and not the choice, they’re two different concepts that are quite variable, and their meanings are different. It is correctly said that health is wealth because the way we are sure of our health directly or indirectly impacts our wealth.

The best-in-class laboratories from across India, UAE & the Republic of African countries have united under the banner of Neuberg Diagnostics to bring the foremost recent technology and techniques within the reach of developing countries.

With the assistance of their mixed strengths, the Neuberg alliance has decided to perform over 5000 styles of Pathological investigations and to market Prevention & Early Diagnosis, Focused Wellness Programs, and Structured Neuberg Diagnostics, India’s fourth-largest diagnostic lab chain, today announced that it’s partnered with ace cricketer, MS Dhoni, for creating awareness about Neuberg’s health and wellness campaign and transmitting its efforts to empower every citizen with better and economical healthcare.

This can be a good initiative by the corporate so as to require care of the health of individuals. Dr. GSK Velu, Chairman, and chief, Neuberg Diagnostics, said, “MS Dhoni complements our growth mindset, and thus may be important during our growing years.

Dhoni’s engagement towards maintaining state and fitness resonates well with our mission and will inspire people to seem after their health. “MS Dhoni, Former India Skipper and Captain of Chennai Super Kings said, “The directors at Neuberg are committed to providing economical healthcare across India, which galvanized me and it’s a pleasure to accompany the team and their various programs aim toward providing access to quality and affordable healthcare. Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, they need concerned the campaign to boost awareness about health and wellness across age groups. I feel that these efforts are important and want to be advocated.”

On the rear of growing footprints, the corporate has been seeing robust growth. in an exceedingly very matter of 4 years since its inception, with a presence in three continents, the corporate ended its FY21 with revenues of Rs.800 crore. MS Dhoni will empower the corporate to endorse recall across its global markets within the UAE, land, and thus the USA.

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