New age ‘Word of Mouth Marketing’


The concept of word of mouth marketing is not new.  Word of mouth marketing also known as word of mouth advertising is a form of unpaid promotion where satisfied consumers tell about the products or services to  other people as how far the product or service is good and how much they liked it.

The emergence of social media marketing has now taken the word of marketing to the next level.  Social media networking sites like facebook, twitter etc has made word of mouth as main stream of marketing. As soon as a status is updated or posts are shared, liked or tweeted, people see them instantly and it just takes a few clicks to re-post the information to a new group of people.  Brands are capitalizing on this power of consumers to recommend.  Brands are using this new age of word of mouth marketing as a strategy to spread message of their brands. Brands like Tesco, Pizza Hut are encouraging consumers to share products and experience in return of some kind of rewards.  The consumers are paid commission by the brands for selling their products by sharing contents related to products or services in social networking site.

The new Word of Mouth


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