New #HelloDoctor digital campaign by Practo


The appearance of a symptom marks the beginning of every healthcare journey. And a decision has to be made with the coming of every symptom, that is, what to do next? Determined by the nature of the symptom, whether it is mild or severe, the patient or their caretaker takes up decisions to the further course of treatment amidst rising doubts.

Implanted in this concept, Practo, India’s one of the leading digital healthcare company has launched its new television campaign, #HelloDoctor to encourage India to rise above questions and seek an expert’s advice for your doubts, just a video call away. The actual essence of the campaign is that there is no place for doubt when it comes to healthcare, and the progress of treatment is best known after consulting an expert.

The 10-week campaign is scheduled to go live this week and will be moved by six films in seven different languages. 13000+ spots across 100+ channels in the country along with TV & digital media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. will be covering this as part of the consumer marketing campaign.

Spring Marketing Capita has conceptualized and developed these TVCs and was inspired by the real-life health conversations of several families who, though not sure of the health problem, decide the next step of action either by self-medication or just ignoring the first sign of the symptoms. Through a cheerful take, these ad films cover the healthcare journey of different families, their reaction to symptoms, and ultimately underlining Practo’s expertise in online video call consultations. Video consultations are available to people 24*7, with access to thousands of verified doctors from across specialties makes it easier. Practo proposes to make available quality healthcare to every user, more affordable, convenient, and accessible.

The first ad film showcases a family discussing their grandmother’s skin problem. The mother and father are seen suggesting some home remedies as initial treatment albeit with doubts while debating over the safety of visiting a hospital. The daughter intrudes and shoots several questions, ‘Since it’s a matter of grandmother’s health shouldn’t we ask the experts?’, and then goes to help the grandmother consult a doctor on Practo.

The second film features a scene where the mother of a small boy tells her yoga instructor during her online class that her son has been suffering from stomach ache since the previous night. When the instructor asks her about the treatment, the mother says of getting medicines from a pharmacist. The instructor tells the mother to consult a doctor since it’s the matter of her child’s health and then goes on to explain how easy it is to video consult a doctor on Practo, as its as simple as connecting with her on video classes.


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