New initiative of Maruti Suzuki: People Technology


A new initiative named ‘People Technology’ has been unveiled by Maruti Suzuki India. The initiative highlights innovations and technologies that delight its clients and showcases technologies that have mobilized and motivated millions of people over the years.

Seven recent path-breaking technologies are celebrated in the campaign film: Smart Hybrid, Smartplay infotainment system, K-Series Engines, HEARTECT platform, S-CNG, Suzuki Connect telematics solutions, and the range of Automatic Transmissions launched by the company in its BS6 compliant car portfolio.

“There is a latent consumer desire behind any technology. We’ve managed to satisfy them in more than a few ways. We are proud of democratizing technology so that it serves the people and is not confined to a few. We show our desire to introduce new-age and cutting-edge technologies to the masses through our People Technology campaign”, said Kenichi Ayukawa, managing director, and chief executive officer at Maruti Suzuki India

The term ‘CARE’ [C: Customer-Centric; A: Aspirational; R: Relevant and E: Experience] conveys the strategy of Maruti Suzuki to introduce innovative technology for the future. The focus of the business is to give Indian consumers safe, environmentally sustainable, comfortable, and connected technologies. Not only does Maruti Suzuki provide its vehicles with new technologies, but it aims to provide the technology at affordable costs. The above-mentioned strategy of the organization is demonstrated by the seven latest innovations conveyed by human technology initiatives.

Maruti Suzuki is committed to supplying its customers with safer cars. In view of this aim, the organization has taken measures to enhance the whole range of vehicles to comply with accident and pedestrian regulations far ahead of the specified time period. Some additional rules, such as driver airbags, ABS, rear parking sensor, seat belt recall, and speed warning system, were required by the Government of India.

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