New Tools help you Spot whether is it a Human or AI Bots

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New Tools help you Spot whether is it a Human or AI Bots

Artificial Intelligence are used to generate bedtime stories, love letters, essays, health guidance, and many more in recent times. Many people are not comfortable with content created by bots and may feel them as untrustworthy and confusing.
Researchers and programmers have come up with innovative tools that will help people get to know what information has come from the minds of humans and what is artificially generated by the bots. But in the era of frequent changing in technology, any tool can face issues to thrive.
The ChatGPT text bot has helped a 39-year-old father write thank-you notes, write bedtime stories, and develop marketing materials.
A patient suffering from dyslexia says he made use of ChatGPT which helped him write blogs to help himself out with his company Marterra Group, real estate investment, and brokerage.
Bots from OpenAI such as ChatGPT can create content, Dall-E 2 is an art engine, and many more are a part of a growing wave of tools that can create pragmatic works that are tough to distinguish from those made by humans. Some other AI tools can create deepfake videos that can create videos that are not possible to film in actuality.
Other companies and universities worldwide are developing detection tools to distinguish AI-generated content, images, and videos. In November, Intel released FakeCatcher which looks for signs of blood flow and tracks slight indications of biological processes to classify whether the video is real or fake. Some companies have this feature already including news publishing and telecasting organizations and social media platforms, as confirmed by Ilke Demir, who is a senior research scientist working at Intel. But there will be a way likely to fool legitimate indications such as blood flow in the face. The danger of relying on a single model or approach will be increasing as the AI tools multiply. A better way to catch fake things on the internet would be to combine a variety of different results in different parameters to determine how authentic a piece of content, image, or video is.

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