News18 Gujarati Presents Exclusive Election programming: ‘2024નો વિજયપથ’ and ‘ચક્રવ્યૂહમાં ચહેરો’

News18 Gujarati
News18 Gujarati Presents Exclusive Election programming: ‘2024નો વિજયપથ’ and ‘ચક્રવ્યૂહમાં ચહેરો’

~News18 Gujarati brings two engaging shows ‘2024નો વિજયપથ’ and ‘ચક્રવ્યૂહમાં ચહેરો’ ahead of the Loksabha elections~

29th August, 2023: News18 Gujarati announces its special election programming lineup in preparation for the upcoming Loksabha election. The programmes ‘2024નો વિજયપથ’ and ‘ચક્રવ્યૂહમાં ચહેરો’ from News18 Gujarati will keep viewers updated on the most recent political developments. The network is committed to delivering accurate, insightful, and comprehensive coverage with these programs.

Introducing ‘2024નો વિજયપથ‘ — a compelling and information-packed program set to be a one-stop destination for all election-related updates. It will take the viewers into the nitty-gritty of election campaigns, covering party strategies, candidates, and campaign tactics. Hosted by seasoned political analysts, ‘2024નો વિજયપથ’ will dissect each party’s approach, offering insights into their agendas, alliances, and policy proposals. From on-ground reports to expert analysis, this program aims to provide viewers with a comprehensive understanding of the evolving political landscape in the lead-up to the election.

The other show ‘ચક્રવ્યૂહમાં ચહેરો,’ promises a closer look at the faces behind the politics. This interview-based show will feature prominent political leaders from various parties, discussing their vision, priorities, and party manifestos. Get first-hand access to these leaders as they discuss their plans to address the nation’s issues and deliver on the promises they made to voters. Through candid conversations and thought-provoking discussions, ‘ચક્રવ્યૂહમાં ચહેરો’ will provide a platform for politicians to directly connect with the people they serve. The program will be hosted by experienced interviewers and help viewers gain an insight into the motivations and ambitions of political leaders as they prepare for the upcoming Loksabha election. 

Tune into News18 Gujarati every Sunday at 2:00 pm to watch ‘2024નો વિજયપથ’, and ‘ચક્રવ્યૂહમાં ચહેરો’ every Saturday at 2:00 pm.