Nihar Shanti Pathshala Funwala Celebrates Teacher’s Day: #ThankYouTeachers


Nihar Shanti Pathshala Funwala has launched the #ThankYouTeachers campaign to celebrate and salute India’s teachers for their relentless commitment as they are trying their best to adapt to a challenging world of teaching from home during the pandemic. Through this virtual film, the brand aims to carry a heartfelt message to all those superheroes – thanking the teachers for learning, so that the country’s future can continue learning.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has disrupted training infrastructure in India. While it’s been tough for students to learn from home, it’s been equally tough for teachers who had to learn to impart education online. Taking awareness of this and driven by the conviction that education is the cornerstone of the development of our country, Nihar Shanti Pathshala Funwala has partnered with the Government of Madhya Pradesh and, in affiliation with an NGO associate LeapForWord, has been working towards upskilling teachers.

With this digital-first initiative, Nihar Shanti Pathshala Funwala has successfully educated 50,000 teachers to assist improve English education at some point in the lock down. These teachers were instrumental in providing uninterrupted education to children in rural India even as the schools remained closed.

The #ThankYouTeachers digital marketing campaign kick-starts with a film that is set to an upbeat, retro-folk track, showcasing a chain of raw and endearing moments of teachers trying, struggling, stumbling, and gaining knowledge to teach from home. These scenes are captured through webcams, phone cameras, chat interfaces, and beautifully shot observational frames, all of which reiterate a profound message which teachers themselves always teach their students that in the beginning, you don’t succeed, strive again for that.

“Through this campaign, we aim to salute and thank teachers for their determined efforts in relearning and adapting to the changing environment only to make sure that our children are receiving continued education. We aim to keep aiding teachers in rural India to train the English language.” Koshy George, chief marketing officer, Marico Ltd said.

Nihar Shanti Amla has remained real to its purpose of offering underprivileged children with opportunities and access to education, contributing 5% of its earnings towards the same. Under the initiative of Nihar Shanti Pathshala Funwala, the brand has been actively running numerous programmes which include IVR-based Spoken English program, App-based Virtual School and WhatsApp based Teacher Empowerment Program to further its reason of helping children’s education.


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