Nippon paints and blobby to beautify Indian trains


Nippon Paint is one of the leading paint manufacturing companies in Asia. It was founded in 1881 by Jujiro Motegi under the name Komyosha which was later renamed by the authorities in 1927 to Nippon Paint. The brand has announced that they have beautified SBC Double Decker Express in partnership with Southern Railway, which will now ply between Bengaluru and Chennai. Every compartment of the eight compartmented double tucker train is wrapped with artworks highlighting key landmarks of Bengaluru and Chennai. It showcases and reminds the onlookers of the rich cultural fabric of both cities. 

The interior of the compartment takes the passengers on tour through the brand’s journey through these years. The artwork in the compartment’s interiors shows the brand‘s history that began from being the first manufacturing company in India to receive both Green Pro and GreenCo certification. It also showcases the brand’s achievements and initiatives like Nippon Paint’s products’ advanced features and Nippon paint’s nshakti initiative for women painters.

The artwork on the exterior of the compartment is occupied with the famous Nippon Paint’s brand mascot ‘Blobby’. Blobby is portrayed in various avatars, from an idli seller to a station master and many other characters we see through a train journey. 

Passengers traveling between Bengaluru (06076)and Chennai (06075) on the SBC Double Decker Express will experience the train’s fresh look. From Chepauk Stadium to Valluvar Kottam, from Mysore Palace to Lal Bagh, and from Thiruvalluvar statue to Auroville Dome, the train proudly bears images of iconic and unique structures that represent specif features of Karnataka and Tamil Nadus glamour.

Mahesh Anand, Nippon Paint India President, said, “We are happy to partner with Southern Railways for this exceptional project to beautify the double-decker train. The theme has come out well and highlights the essential landmarks of both cities – Bengaluru and Chennai along with our favorite blobby. We are planning on taking the passengers on Nippon Paint’s brand journey through all these artworks. We have highlighted Nippon Paint’s USPs, like the unique product offering Japanese international technology and eco-friendliness. It is delightful to see these beautified trains accepting much love from passengers, many of whom were seen taking selfies inside and outside the compartments”. 

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