Nomad Food Project’s latest campaign ‘sanskarizes’ bacon


Nomad Food Project is now seeking to give bacon (and the brand itself) a ‘sanskari’ appearance after introducing its ‘Bacon Thecha’ An Indianized version of a Western food product is featured in the brand’s first ever internet video promotion.

New-age food firm Nomad Food Project, which rose to popularity after appearing on Sony Television’s “Shark Tank India,” has Indianized bacon with its Bacon Thecha. ‘Thecha’, a traditional Maharashtrian condiment consisting of garlic, green chillies, and groundnuts, brings hog (meat) closer to home, even though it’s not well recognised. Other bacon items from the brand include Chorizo Jam, Bacon Crack, and Bacon Marmalade.

The Nomad Food Project, with its ‘Sanskari Bacon Ad’, is now intentionally seeking to introduce Indians to the foreign food product. An important goal of this marketing campaign is to get people to try bacon in their Indian dishes by making it appear as authentic as possible. In the commercial, the firm also offers suggestions on how this may be accomplished. “We wanted to do something different with bacon in India. Hence, we came up with an Indian spin on bacon. The Indian palate is unfamiliar with the notion of meat. In other words, Advaith Inamke, co-founder of Nomad Food Project, says they gave it a “sanskari” twist.

Using a budget of roughly Rs. 15,000, the whole film was made in-house. The screenplay was co-written by the company’s co-founders, Inamke and Aditya Rai. They were saved by the intervention of their peers. At a relative’s residence in Pune, videographer friend captured it. It took just two hours to shoot the whole movie.

Ads are a big part of today’s marketing expenses.” We wanted to keep the cost down as much as possible. So, we invited a few of our friends to join us. The commercial has an Indian feel to it from the get-go. A large part of what makes this film so unique is its usage of Hindi. Bacon is the sole word in the whole script that is in English.

It’s important to notice the film’s production values. It’s been retro-fied with a vintage filter to look like a Doordarshan commercial from the 1990s. This ad also has monologues that pay tribute to some of the most well-known 90s commercial taglines. For example, the commercial concludes with the whole group repeating simultaneously, “Bacon is the secret of our energy,” a nod to Boost’s well-known catchphrase. Complan’s promise to increase children’s height is mentioned in a similar way.

“These conversations had been a part of our upbringing. It was as simple as plugging in some bacon to them,” Inamke continues. It was important to Inamke that the contrast and drama of the cuisine in his ads be reflected in his own work. Contrasted flavours, such as mixing bacon with green chiles and garlic, make the items dramatic and contrasting.” As a result, we sought to boost the impact of our commercials. It’s like looking at an old bacon commercial with a retro filter on it.

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