Aisle releases ‘10 Million Reasons Why’ campaign celebrating 10 mn users


To commemorate its 10 millionth user, India’s second most popular dating app Aisle announced that it has reached a significant milestone in the love-tech industry. A record-breaking number of people have signed up for the company’s dating service in a short amount of time. Aisle’s ’10 Million Reasons Why’ campaign was launched to commemorate this milestone. Visits to couples who have met and married on the site were followed by the publishing of a YouTube film starring them.

Thousands of Indian couples have found love via Aisle since its launch in 2014, making it the only Indian dating app with the most success stories. For the campaign, Aisle made surprise visits to couples who had met via the app and presented them with snacks and custom-made gifts they had never expected to receive. It also published a film with these couples called “10 Million Reasons Why” in honour of Aisle’s worldwide community.. Aisle uncovered the solution to the age-old question of ‘What happens after the happy ending?’ by listening to the couple’s experience of using the app and quizzing them on how well they knew each other. The whole video may be seen here.

“Aisle started with a brilliant concept and a few excited individuals gathered together in a tiny room,” said Able Joseph, the founder and CEO of Aisle. Today, we have more than 10 million active users on all of our mobile applications. At this point, we’ve reached a very low point.’ All of our products and services have been designed with them in mind. We opted to commemorate our 10 millionth user by honouring the people who mean the most to us – our ever-expanding community. With our help, thousands of happy couples throughout the world will have meaningful, long-term relationships. That is something we are proud to be a part of.

There were no other Indian dating apps at the time Aisle was established. At this point in time, Aisle has a strong and fast increasing presence in most major metro areas in India. Arike, Anbe, Neetho and Neene, four of Aisle’s vernacular applications, have helped the company establish a large foothold in various areas. Aisle’s mission is to bring together Indian singles who are serious about finding a long-term relationship and use their expertise in the dating habits of the Indian culture to their advantage.

As a self-funded company, Aisle was able to reach the 10-million-dollar milestone while keeping its whole crew on board and launching a number of localised mobile applications. At Aisle, we place a high value on fostering a work-life balance and selecting candidates based on their character, not just their skills. The company’s goal is to learn about other cultures and develop items that are a natural match for Indians as it moves ahead.

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