Aisle appoints Nabila Tazyeen as Head of Content and Communications


Nabila Tazyeen has been named Head of Content and Communications at Aisle, India’s second most downloaded dating app. In her new position, Nabila will concentrate on impacting Aisle’s popularity and growth through strategic and artistic storytelling. She’s visiting be instrumental in improving the brand’s perception and quality of content internally also as externally. With Nabila on board, Aisle will take a glance at advancing brand awareness and increasing engagement across channels and audiences.

Nabila Tazyeen, who began her career in Ogilvy as a trainee writer, has over 18+ years of experience as a brand strategist and is an award-winning writer and storyteller. Nabila’s extensive experience in employee and brand development will inject personality, speed, and consistency into Aisle’s material across channels, allowing them to develop a 360-degree brand image and keep the media informed of their progress. Prior to joining Aisle, Nabila worked for Target, the world’s largest distributor, in India. She was instrumental in developing Target’s brand positioning in India and expanding the company’s social and digital presence.

“Nabila is a wonderful addition to the Aisle family. As we’ve developed, it’s become evident that we need people from many walks of life in our organisation. It has provided more insights on various topics, which has aided in solving difficulties more efficiently and creatively. We are excited to have Nabila as a guide for the content and communications team in adhering to business culture as well as assisting our users in falling in love with our brand,” said Able Joseph, Founder & CEO of Aisle.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of Aisle’s growth story and to assist the tremendously talented team in expanding the brand’s digital presence. Aisle’s approach to dating is exclusive – we’d like more individuals trying to search out wish to experience it, by building a brand that brings that uniqueness to life. together with the team, we shall think about increasing the frequency of Aisle ad campaigns and developing different content to make Aisle’s brand presence through digital media”, added Nabila Tazyeen.

With a combined global community of 9.5 million users, Aisle has been within the highest 3 on revenue charts consistently and has seen a powerful performance with all of its vernacular apps. Aisle has released Neene, its fourth vernacular dating app, targeting Kannada singles all across the world. Aisle has revised its tagline from ‘Designed for Romance’ to ‘Nothing Casual about This Dating App,’ in keeping with its recent acquisition by InfoEdge and its own corporate identity.

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