Ogilvy launches digital campaign for Bajaj Pulsar ‘Brooklyn Black’ range


The Bajaj Pulsar is an iconic Indian motorcycle. Since its inception, the Pulsar created a brand new segment called ‘Sports Biking’ in Indian motorcycling and redefined motorcycle riding for the Indian youth. Within the last twenty years, the Pulsar has grown to incorporate ten models. Presently, the cutting-edge Bajaj Pulsar specifications are 125-250 cc engines, front and rear disc brakes, nitrox-mono-shock suspension, and tubeless tires among others. Today, the Pulsar motorcycle could be a perfect combination of favor and performance. The Bajaj Pulsar features projector headlamps, ABS, fuel-injection systems, and a DTS-i engine. Pulsar 250 is that the latest addition to the Pulsar range.

Bajaj Pulsar prepared to feature 2 new bikes to their roster – the P250 Brooklyn Black and N160 Brooklyn Black. The challenge – is to make enough anticipation round the launch of the all-black range of bikes.

The Ogilvy Content Force and Bajaj Pulsar imitated an eclipse on their Instagram feed to pique the interest of bike aficionados for the approaching launch. Pulsar’s Instagram page featured a moon with phases corresponding to an actual eclipse for an entire week. As a motorcycle’s outline emerged from the shadows, it teased onlookers about a potential launch that would soon be made public.

As the eclipse moved toward completion with each day that went by, a more distinct peek of the forthcoming mystery bike became visible. For the subsequent two days, the audiences were kept eagerly awaiting the moon to be entirely eclipsed. Finally, after a week-long wait, the viewers were treated to the all-new N160 Brooklyn Black on 22nd June then the P250 Brooklyn Black on 24th June.

The brand dominated other bicycling videos on YouTube, keeping with the eclipse theme there. In order to create the illusion of an eclipse over the reviews and videos of rival bikes on the day of the debut, YouTube mid-roll advertisements were used, along with a provocative claim that an eclipse had already hit the streets. The CTA button would take them to a website that revealed information about the bike and welcomed questions.

This action increased interest among pulsarmaniacs, making the Bajaj Pulsar P250 and N160 Eclipse a welcome addition.

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