Indian Creators creating social impact in a right way, sourced from LinkedIn

Source: BBC

As the advent of technology is being increased significantly, the user base of that technology is also getting big and diversified. The increasing use of technology gave birth to social media and henceforth it paved a way for many social media influencers who are creating a larger impact over the creative audience who are following them. From becoming a trendsetter to creating and curating many activities that benefit the society of this age. Social media has become a very large base of platforms that have given voice to the influencers and users as well to create an impact on society. 

Among them, some Indian content creators are actively participating in making this society a better place to stay with people of diversified regions following them and their views on certain topics. Some of the creators are breaking the stereotypes and creating an example for their followers. 

Atul Satija

One of the founding members of the Nudge Institute works toward the betterment of the people who are below the poverty line and do not have ample earnings to survive living with their families. Atul with his other people, tend to help them for a better living and help them for surviving in extreme conditions. 

Parmesh Shahani 

Parmesh is a consultant who specializes in the LGBTQIA+ community, wherein he helps the community by giving them the right advice, his stake is that everyone in the world and society shall accept every person as the way they are, and they shall not be judged by their sexual orientation. This is the reason he believes in the social impact that can be created by “Empowering Communities by rightful skills needed and transforming their lives.”

Archana Soreng

She is one of the seven members present of the UN Secretary General’s Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change, Archana has worked a lot in documenting, and observing the drastic climate change that is happening very frequently in the world.

Also, she wants to create an impact on the climate by raising awareness and advocating the recognition of the identity of the environment and that every plant and tree is alive, and they are equally valuable to Humans.

Aanya Wig

She is the Co-Founder of the UN Foundation collab that tends to empower women and has been named on Girl Up Rise, she focuses on gender equality and social change across all the nations, this is the reason she got a platform at United Nations from where she could raise voice for the women that need the help in having appropriate resource and livelihood that can give them respect in the society.

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