Nourishment Meets Empowerment: Wellbeing Nutrition Launches an Exceptional Wellness Tea Collection with a Purpose

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Nourishment Meets Empowerment: Wellbeing Nutrition Launches an Exceptional Wellness Tea Collection with a Purpose

Wellbeing Nutrition is taking India’s love for tea to a whole new healthy level with the launch of their revolutionary premium Wellness Teas. This collection seamlessly blends the art of tea with the science of nutrition. The brand aims to transform the traditional tea-drinking experience into a holistic journey of flavor and function while serving as a beacon of change by empowering the tea artisans at the Makaibari Estate.

Sticking to its core values of delivering products that keep up with this fast-paced world, these Wellness Teas cater to individuals seeking a natural and effective way to improve their health. By harnessing the power of nature while keeping artificial chemicals at bay, each tea variant is designed by combining ancient wisdom with modern scientific research. The result is a collection that adds a healthy touch to the enjoyment of one of life’s simple pleasures. This offers regular and novice tea drinkers an easy way to begin their new health regimen.

“We are thrilled to introduce a tea collection that embodies our core philosophy: merging the goodness of nature with the tapestry of tea,” said Avnish Chhabria, Founder of Wellbeing Nutrition.

Crafted with intention, the collection consists of six unique tea variants that target specific health issues. The Cleanse Adaptogenic Herbal Tea is enriched with 22 ingredients that work in synergy to support the body’s natural detox process. The Sleep Adaptogenic Herbal Tea contains melatonin along with 13 other soothing ingredients to promote relaxation and gently induce sleep. For those looking to increase their attention span, the Focus Adaptogenic Herbal Tea is perfect. It contains potent ingredients that work synergistically to rejuvenate the mind with every sip, while Her Care contains ingredients that help balance hormones, reduce testosterone levels, and improve menstrual cyclicity. Slim Adaptogenic Green Tea and Digest Adaptogenic Green Tea are the only two caffeine-enriched variants in the collection and come with their own distinctive benefits. The former helps boost fat burning, block sweet taste receptors, and support metabolic function, while the latter is infused with heat-resistant probiotics and a mixture of natural ingredients to nourish the beneficial bacteria within your gut.

When it comes to empowerment and cultural enrichment, the sourcing method and community are equally crucial. The leaves are harvested by skilled artisans from the iconic Makaibari estate, one of the world’s oldest tea plantations. Tucked between six Himalayan ridges, this tea grows amid ancient forests that are home to a range of flora and fauna. All these components, along with a celestial calendar, add to the tea’s excellent flavor and aroma, resulting in a truly extraordinary tea experience.

The women at the estate possess an inherent understanding of plucking the finest leaves and buds. This age-old artisanal technique has been passed down through generations, ensuring you reap its full benefits with every sip. While these artisans ensure that you get the maximum benefits of each ingredient, their valuable contributions don’t go unnoticed. Their dreams and ambitions are also nurtured, setting the stage for a more promising future. From ensuring their kids get access to high-quality education to guaranteeing comfortable homes and providing their families with comprehensive healthcare, every woman in this community is well taken care of.

“This tea collection is also a tribute to those who cultivate them. It tells a story of strength, sustainability, and the promise of a better future,” says Avnish Chhabria.

In addition to helping people from all walks of life ensure #AHealthierTomorrow, the brand also places a strong emphasis on sustainability. Its commitment to the planet is another unique property that makes the collection stand out from the sea of competitors. The teas are packaged in eco-friendly materials, which highlights the brand’s dedication to reducing its carbon footprint. Unlike other non-biodegradable nylon tea bags available on the market, Wellbeing Nutrition teas use a biodegradable tea bag made from corn starch. Wellbeing Nutrition is also known to prioritize transparency, and it’s no different with this new launch. Customers get detailed information about the ingredients used in each blend and the specific benefits they offer. This level of transparency builds trust among consumers who seek products aligned with their own wellness goals. With so many competitive advantages, it is no surprise that this new launch is already capturing the attention of health-conscious consumers.

“The Wellness Tea collection was born through extensive research and a commitment to quality. They are more than beverages; they embody a holistic approach to wellness while celebrating the essence of tea culture.” Avnish Chhabria, Founder of Wellbeing Nutrition.


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