Now invest in digital gold for as low as Rs 1 this festive season


Adding cheer to the celebration for those progressing to buy gold at a reasonable price, MMTC-PAMP, a globally accredited refiner and fabricator of authentic 999.9 pure gold bars and coins, is offering digital gold to its customers for as low as Rs 1 to begin out their investment journey.

“Investing in digital gold is extremely affordable as investors can pool in bit daily/ weekly/ monthly to make their gold corpus for investment purposes or to redeem it as MMTC-PAMP’s 24K, 999.9 purest gold coins and bars. This unique proposition has democratized investments within the Muntz metal by offering it in bite-sized quantities.

Investing in digital gold is fairly simple and transparent, and except for the three GST levies at the time of purchase, there are not any additional taxes or hidden charges while purchasing digital gold. As India’s only LBMA accredited refinery for both gold and silver, the worth of MMTC-PAMP digital gold is linked to global markets.

As a result, irrespective of local market conditions, investors obtain a good price for his or her investment once they plan to sell,” said Vikas Singh, administrator & CEO, MMTC-PAMP.

What is Digital Gold?

Simply put, digital gold is gold purchased through a partner transacting platform which is any digital interface of a partner that would be a UPI wallet like PAYTM, Gray, PhonePe, an internet outlet, or a bank.

Digital gold will be bought for as low as Rs 1 and is stored under the direct ownership of the customer held in fully insured and secured vaults of MMTC-PAMP, freeing customers from the effort of storing gold physically with them.

Furthermore, IDBI Trusteeship provides additional security as a custodian to make sure that investments made into the yellow-metal are protected.

Why invest in Digital Gold?

In opposition to buying physical gold, one in all the most important strengths of shopping for digital gold is that investors get the simplest value for his or her money with 24K, 999.9 certified purity gold without additional tax implications or transaction charges beyond a third GST levy at the time of purchase.

Digital gold on the opposite hand release a customer from all such predicaments and offers the foremost transparent, convenient, and rewarding choice to investing within the Muntz metal and consequently diversifying one’s portfolio.

Investors can easily sell their digital gold/gold investments or redeem them for 24k, 999.9 purity certified gold ingots or coins from certified MMTC-PAMP centers against daily spot prices giving buyers and sellers more opportunity for exchange into another asset class or cash at any given point of your time.

Also, unlike other investment classes like FDs or mutual funds, there’s no lock-in period and investors can sell their digital gold without early exit penalties.

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