NxtWave to Host Workshop: “Ethical Hacking – Building India’s Cyber Army”

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NxtWave to Host Workshop: "Ethical Hacking - Building India's Cyber Army"

National, September 26, 2023: NxtWave, a leading upskilling platform for software careers, has announced an innovative workshop on Cyber Security. Scheduled for 30th September and titled “Ethical Hacking – Building India’s Cyber Army,” this workshop aims to build essential ethical hacking skills among students.

The central theme of this edition is “Building India’s Cyber Army,” with a strong emphasis on the development of customized Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) toolkits. This workshop serves as the first step into the realm of ethical hacking and fosters an understanding of various hacking techniques.

The workshop will incorporate several distinctive elements, including live hacking demonstrations, hands-on learning, in-depth case studies showcasing practical applications, and more. Participants will actively engage in constructing a custom toolkit from the ground up.

The workshop will host esteemed industry experts who will share invaluable insights with participants. Additionally, it is expected that students from 1000+ colleges across India will participate in this workshop.

Rahul Attuluri, CEO, NxtWave, commented, ” India has the second-largest global active internet user base and has averaged 1.3 million cyberattacks a year since 2020. With the cyber threats set only to rise, our country needs an army of cyber security professionals to secure its cyber space. However, there is a persistent skill gap in this domain resulting in lucrative opportunities for the skilled students. Through this workshop, we aim to spark an interest among students towards cyber security and equip them with the essential ethical hacking skills. It is an exceptional opportunity for them to dive into the world of ethical hacking, acquire hands-on skills, and play a crucial role in safeguarding India’s digital landscape.” 

Participants will receive a certificate of completion and gain the knowledge to create their own customized toolkit. Real-world applications of ethical hacking will be explored, and valuable insights into the ethical hacking career landscape will be provided by industry experts.