Of STORRM Strategies & Hero Content – How PR amplifies communication in crisis


In this new era, effective content is mission-critical and a key differentiator for sectors to run their businesses. The pandemic has only doubled its value and importance, with digital strategies becoming a key cog in the wheel for brand marketing. Content is the king of the industry because it is one thing that will help and provide the brands to communicate the right message to their audiences. Now, when media has become so powerful, the importance of interesting, fresh & relevant content is what keeps brands’ engagement strategy with their audiences going.

With the increase in adoption of digital technology, content consumption behavior is also undergoing seismic shifts & where PR agencies had to redo their work on the strategies and bring in a lot of innovative approaches for continual engagement with the audience.

Most of the content is watched live on the go by Gen Next’s audience. Hence, the attention span of this audience is too short, and therefore, it is important to keep the content catchy & crisp to draw their attention. The COVID-19 has led PR to adopt a more integrated and holistic communications approach, and not remain restricted to traditional media. Content for mediums like digital media and social media also differs as each type of content has a separate outcome and purpose.

Sham news is a growing threat in the digital era. In such a scenario, the importance of communication lies in balancing the act. Speaking about how the pandemic has thrown up many challenges in generating the content, Rachna Baruah the  Founder of, Madchatter Brand Solutions, said that  “One of the biggest challenges that PR industry faces today is the lack of good content. In an ever dynamic industry like PR or Communications, content is the main of everything we do. But the talent in content has been reducing in the last few years. But, the pandemic also brought an opportunity space for teams & agencies to get more creative. In this scenario, it is important to sharpen the professionals & team members based on their interest areas and individual skills. That is where good content is built in the most unassuming ways. We have been able to create some effective market entries and brand launches in the last 1 year, where some of our clients today are industry leaders in their share of voice and mind in their respective segments. That only takes place through effective and novel content brainstorming.”

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