Ola to give free Gerua S1 Pro


In India recently, the Ola S1 pro has become one of the best-selling scooters. Despite all the flakes found on social media, Ola Electric continues to produce large volumes with its e-scooter offering.

In other developments, Ola Electric will soon release an updated version of its operating system. The new Move comes with an OTA update that promises better navigation and introduces a new feature. From now on, the new Beta version of the software has been made available to specific customers. The final version of the software is expected to be available to customers in the coming weeks.

 Ola also has to remember the 1,440 e-scooters after many fires and other reported incidents across the country. In order to promote the new software, the CEO of Ola had announced to offer the free colour S1 PRO Gerua to any owner who could get a distance of more than 200 km for a single charge. This accomplishment was accomplished by Karthik. She was given her second Ola scooter for free at a recent event.

Ola will offer a free Gerua electric scooter to buyers who can travel up to 120 miles for one price. Ola Electrical Chief Executive Officer, Bhavish Aggarwal, launched the advertising and marketing campaign on May 20 using his Twitter profile. The Gerua electric scooter is being introduced this year across Holi, just for the unique S1 Professional. The company said it received positive feedback from Gerua S1 Professional. The free scooter could be delivered to its Future factory in Tamil Nadu, in June 2022. The Bengaluru travel agency has been building confidence among many customers after fireside incidents were reported inside electric scooters. Recently, several electric scooters seized the stove and Ola electric scooter which prompted the authorities to appoint a committee to discuss the matter.

 Now Ola has been doing moments among his neighbours in many cities to train and encourage EVs. Ola also recalled 1,441 e-scooters after numerous fireplace incidents and tragic incidents were reported across the country. Ola also increased the price of the S1 Professional Electric scooter as the S1 and S1 Professional purchase window opened yesterday. Launched at ₹ 1,29,999 in August last year, S1 Professional now costs R1.39 lakh (old exhibition room). There is no change in the price of its separate base, the S1 e-scooter. With the adoption window, which continues to open, you can direct Ola S1 e-scooters with its dedicated operating system. Ola will be rolling out another space with its electric sweat that brings new options, roaming, and improved performance. The beta model is offered to selected consumers and the final MovOS model can be released immediately to bring about changes in your preferences and variations.

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