One Life Studios partners with Pocket Films to expand its reach


One life studios is an avenue that is branching out of a well-known production house known as “Swastik Productions” in India. It was established in 2017 and is based in Mumbai. The objective of the company is to entertain and empower audiences irrespective of gender, location, and culture. It also aims to explore new content, associating with like-minded producers and distributing stories to global customers. It has around 2000 employees and today it stands as one of the leading producers of premium high quality in India.

One life studios have recently partnered with Pocket Films, one of the well-known media companies in Mumbai. The objective behind this partnership is to maintain their short films across the globe. The top management of One life studios after considering the present situations and finding the demand for content amidst customers are sustained, decided on a partnership to spread the short films experience from India to the entire world. The company has also partnered with Sony Pictures India.

Pocket Films is India’s largest distributor of short films in different languages and the content that is distributed is large of Indian origin. With this partnership, One Life Studios has added features and proved that they are truly one of the largest and fastest content creation houses. The management at One Life studios believes in the power of storytelling. Content creation today has become unique and is gaining importance. Contents of different kinds are made and experienced and today, everyone has an opportunity to experience the stories across different locations in various formats. The short films today give competition to even successful films. So, this partnership would give both the companies an opportunity to expand their reach across the world and taste success. The approach of Pocket Films is that they have always been ‘creators first’ and with this philosophy, the company aims to expand the reach of their content that is created by more than 3500 creators across the world. The company started initially with a YouTube channel and today it distributes short films across many digital platforms. The partnership with One Life studios would help the company in achieving its goals.


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