Chingari teams up with Brut India for strategic content partnership


Chingari, the Indigenous Short-Video Sharing App, revealed its alliance with Brut India for its content partnership. The content of the Brut India video will now be available on the short video app. As a partner, both Chingari and Brut India strive to accomplish common content localization goals, improve user experience with a streamlined application interface, and promote content diversity on their site. Brut India, the country’s video publisher, introduces new forms of compelling journalism to local viewers.

Chingari is a highly immersive short video creation app, with rich content on the platform in local languages that further enhances user experience. Chingari’s constant commitment is to deliver content according to the desire of Indian youth, and thus, through this collaboration, Chingari aims to invite more users to build their choice of content in local languages and to share a knowledgeable and definitive social media space. Brut’s trending topics, such as politics, pop culture, and climate change, would further improve the consumer experience of the platform community.

The consumption of short video content has become the devouring reality of a community that has evolved exponentially, pushing a sense of identity beyond demographic and vernacular languages. Brut India, joining with Chingari, is a reflection of a shared vision and will help to create roots in diverse markets. It’s also a strong way to communicate with a niche audience. As a short video platform, Chingari will help Brut to optimize the localization of its content, and increase its discoverability, improve its hold on local users and help to tap into the unexplored potential. Brut India is known for its mind-boggling material, which is most likely to draw the attention of bellwethers and will help Chingari to rise on common grounds.

As of July 2020, Chingari is available in more than 10 vernacular languages—Hindi, Gujarati, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Marathi, Malayalam, Odia, Punjabi, and Bangla—as well as English with more than 45 million downloads from the Google Play store.

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