Lockdown lullaby by Origami Creative in partnership with TILV


A video song named ‘Someone Else – a lockout lullaby’ was published by Origami Creative in partnership with TILV Records. The three-minute video song reflecting on the mental health epidemic is earning rave reviews.

Many nations are returning to national lockout to stem the pandemic as the second outbreak of the COVID-19 virus sweeps across the globe. Although government authorities around the world pay priority to curb the spread of the virus and trying to uplift the economy, mental health problems have taken a backseat since the pandemic. Mental wellbeing has been adversely affected by lockout, quarantine, self-isolation, and even unpredictability. Now the crisis in mental wellbeing is more pronounced than ever. The intimate lives of families have changed dramatically as millions have lost their jobs. Sadly, to avoid internal distress, no proper protocols were set in place. Under this circumstance, the new video has been introduced to regain mental wellbeing.

The video song captures the impact of the lockdown on us. It teaches us that being there for each other is vital for us so that we have someone to rely on. It holds the promise that we don’t have to feel lonely this time around. Furthermore, the song reassures you that someone is still there for you and that we can never underestimate the power to be there for someone and the desire to make a brave attempt to do so.

Laeeq Ali, President of the Advertisement Club Bangalore, Co-Founder & Director, Origami Creative and Bloombox Brand Engineers, is spearheading the video campaign. The song was composed and written by Varun and Vinaya Grace Mary. The video is produced by Sid Timeship and Akhil Rajan is the editor. Shankar, Saloni, Nabarun, Ranjini, Irfan, and Rohit are among the other team members of ‘Someone Else.’

All mental health NGOs are also invited by Origami & partners to use this video as a platform to reach out to someone else who may be in need.


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