Sigma CEO hints towards new lenses for Canon and Nikon cameras


Sigma is well known for the manufacture of lenses for various camera systems. The Japanese company has recently introduced Sigma 85mm F1.4 DG DN Art lens for Sony E-mount cameras. Now, Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki has hinted at a new range of lenses that will support Canon RF and Nikon Z mount camera systems.

The firm is making efforts to expand its business. Fewer cameras sold means less prospective buyers involved in purchasing a lens, which is why Sigma’s short-term approach does also include the prospect of adding new mount lenses to photography systems such as Nikon Z or Canon EOS R. So far, however, the number of orders for lenses still exceeds their production capability and, in particular, the capacities of the R&D department.It is well understood that camera manufacturers couldn’t sustain their company in the aftermath of the pandemic. Indeed, firms such as Nikon and Canon also face production difficulties. While the demand for cameras is in decline and the company is finding ways to keep pushing on, photography lies at the core of Sigma.

The demand for photography is getting smaller, but it’s not going to get smaller infinitely. According to Sigma’s predictions, next year, in 2021, it will hit its minimum size, and since then it will remain very stable. They will equate the ultimate scale of this demand with the volume of sales of cameras in the days of classic photography, before the great digital revolution. The true amount of passionate people who want to take pictures of high-quality cameras and lenses is now and possibly was very close.

While Sigma is unsure about the number of products and what these products would look like, they will not leave their users dissatisfied. The company will also come up with promising imaging products in 2021.

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