Opening of educational institutes leading to rising demand for lab chemicals; uptick also witnessed for agrochemical pesticides & construction chemicals: JD Mart Consumer Insights


–         Laboratory chemicals contribute 38% of the demand on the platform for chemicals

–         Demand for agrochemical pesticides in Tier-II cities is 85% higher than in Tier-I  

Mumbai, March 11: With schools and colleges opening and students coming back to the physical mode of classes, demand for laboratory chemicals saw an uptick and contributed to almost 38% of the searches that took place for industrial chemicals on JD Mart, India’s latest B2B platform by Just Dial.

Laboratory chemicals were the most searched chemicals on JD Mart followed by agrochemical pesticides and construction chemicals. Demand for agrochemical pesticides was 28% and construction chemicals was 15% of the total demand for chemicals on the platform. The rest was made up of earthing chemicals, pharmaceutical chemicals, chemicals for the swimming pool, and for laundry. 

Commenting on the trends, Mr. Prasun Kumar, CMO, Just Dial, said: “The Indian chemical industry is fragmented with large, medium, and small companies manufacturing more than 80,000 types of chemicals. As a platform, JD Mart is trying to consolidate this industry online that according to estimates has been contributing around 8.8% of India’s manufacturing GVA. In the last 12 months, we have tried to enrich the platform with suppliers and manufacturers and bring them closer to demand in a seamless way. This has resulted in significant rise in demand across a wide range of categories on the platform.”  

Demand for agrochemical pesticides in Tier-II towns and cities was 85% higher than Tier-I, for lab chemicals it was 20%, while for the rest it was almost at par. 

Among Tier-I cities, Delhi, Mumbai, and Hyderabad were the top-3 cities that saw maximum demand for lab chemicals. Lucknow, Patna, Chandigarh, Jabalpur, and Vadodara were the top-5 Tier-II cities that saw maximum demand for lab chemicals.

For agrochemical pesticides, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Pune were the top-3 Tier-I cities that saw maximum searches. Demand in Tier-II cities was driven primarily by Vadodara, Indore, Coimbatore, Chandigarh, and Bhopal. In fact, demand in these Tier-II cities was significantly higher than the Tier-I cities of Ahmedabad, Bangalore, and Delhi. 

With construction activities now in full swing across major real estate markets, Mumbai, Chennai, and Delhi were the top-3 Tier-I cities that generated maximum demand for chemicals needed for construction. Among Tier-II towns and cities, Vijayawada, Surat, Indore, Jaipur, and Goa were the top-5 markets that saw maximum demand.  

Searches for earthing chemicals, pharmaceutical chemicals, chemicals for swimming pools, and for laundry remained high in the cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore among Tier-I cities. Delhi generated 58% of the demand from Tier-I cities for earthing chemicals while Pune contributed to 37% of the demand for pharmaceutical chemicals.