Prabhudas Lilladher unveils his ‘Wealth for Women’ portfolio


On Foreign Women’s Day, brokerage firm Prabhudas Lilladher created the “Wealth for Women” portfolio to give women more exposure to diverse asset classes such as domestic and international shares, gold, and fixed income instruments.

Prabhudas Lilladher was out on the streets of Mumbai for Women’s Day 2022, pushing women around the city to rub shoulders with men in the stock market, which is a level playing field.

While our culture may choose to compensate men and women differently, the stock market, according to Prabhudas Lilladher, never takes sides. If a man and a woman both invest INR 10,000 in the same stock at the same time and exit at the same time, their returns are the same. The company used the social media hashtag #StockMarketsAreEqual for media promotion and it has turned out well.

The portfolio is aimed at any Indian woman, whether she is a working lawyer, a nurse, a marketing expert, a teacher, a business owner, or a homemaker, according to the brokerage.

According to a survey, women’s participation in equity investments has increased from 16 percent to 24 percent in the last two years. Women in India, on the other hand, continued to prefer gold and fixed deposits as investment options. The brokerage, on the other hand, intends to assist women in making the transition from cautious savers to exceptional investors, allowing them to benefit from long-term wealth growth through sensible investing across a variety of financial assets.

The portfolio will use the proprietary quant model to invest in the right asset at the right time and manage risks to provide sustainable returns over bull and bear market cycles by dynamically changing its asset allocation. The quant-based technique, according to Prabhudas Lilladher, helps to reduce human bias and errors in asset selection and allocation quantum.

“The portfolio is made for women and made by women at PL,” Amisha Vora, Jt. MD, Prabhudas Lilladher, remarked. The goal is to turn a woman’s savings into money. We know how hard women work to earn and save money, which is why the Wealth for Women Portfolio at PL aims to make that money work for them as well.”

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