Optus takes on a new Marketing Analytics approach: Case Study


Optus has improved its marketing measurement capabilities, by implementing a very new platform built on a strong data foundation. Singtel Optus Pty Limited is an Australian telecommunications company, subsidiary of Singtel.

Optus started to work with the US-based marketing measurement provider in the year 2018 after conducting an analysis in global marketing analytics & algorithmic attribution services.

Head of Marketing at Optus, Melissa Hopkins said that the main aim of the initiative is to implement a solution that caters to data-led media modeling through all offline and online channels.

The new platform offers Unified Marketing Measurement (UMM), an approach to marketing analytics that integrates both the aggregate and person-level results provided by attribution models. This showcases an extensive and incorporated vision about both the success of marketing campaigns as well as the business outcomes.

Earlier the company implemented Media Mix Modelling (MMM) and Multi-touch Attribution (MTA). It was implemented to measure marketing activity. But then, the two approaches provided inconsistencies and siloed outcomes.

The main goal of the company is to enhance the total media investments to the business metrics that include brand consideration, demand generation, and sales along with media metrics. The company also wanted to be able to estimate the business case for marketing by measuring the company’s Return on Ad Spend and profit generated at a larger level, Hopkins added.

She also said that privacy is the main nucleus of the platform and therefore, the company ensured that every single data set those are required to calculate marketing ROI is privacy-compliant through-out the process.

The company worked with eight external data and technical vendors along with the amalgamated data from different Optus CRM systems. And this process required coordination from the teams globally in India, the US, UK, and Australia. The data privacy guidelines followed at Australian Optus are very high and it acts as a barrier in remote exchange of data. Therefore, Optus had to build a new platform that enables remote access to data and prevents data leakage. The whole process required a year to set up everything.

There were regulations happening across the globe from regulators to restrict the collection of information about consumers by marketers. Therefore, in Australia, the Federal government formed a reform of the Privacy Act 2020-2021, which has all the rules and regulations regarding the information collection.

Hopkins added that marketers have different digital tools to understand or to reach their customers. This data is used to get to know more about the business and the customers. Though we have certain digital and analytical tools to assists, it still requires some human intervention for the best approach, for the best creative message in order to build good results for the business.


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