AI plays a dominant role to update Amazon’s Alexa Developer Toolkit

210 Inc. announced a remarkable update to Alexa’s Voice Assistance Developer Toolkit on 22nd July, which needed improvements in its Artificial intelligence technology and developing features to upgrade customers’ overall service experience.
Amazon’s Voice Assistance was launched long back in the year 2014, and since then it has been shipped with hundreds of millions of electronic devices like televisions, mobiles, smart speakers, and various other devices. This updated technology mainly focuses on AI improvements that would allow the device to understand natural voices. According to the company, the purpose of this update is to upgrade the skills in the devices and to enable the device to recognise voices more accurately up to 15%.
Amazon additionally aims to enhance the customer’s platform-specific experience. They aim to improve the experience for those customers, who are using smart assistant on portable devices like mobiles, smart display, and other niche products. Amazon has taken an initiative to launch a new tool called Apps for Alexa, specially designed for mobiles. Apps for Alexa will enable the customers to interact with Skills, if the customers have built-in Alexa mobile accessories on their phones. Amazon wants to make Alexa more functional on Smart display through which, the customers can order for food and various kinds of stuff. This additional feature will allow Alexa to make in-skill purchases on smart screens like the Echo Show.
Few Portable devices like the smartwatches and the Alexa-equipped Echo Buds earbuds are specially equipped with more capabilities. These capability enhancements are termed as Skill resumption, which would enable Alexa to automate itself whenever needed, without manual assistance or intervention. For instance, Uber’s Alexa skill would notify the customers when their cab is at the required location without any additional manual instruction from the user.
Amazon intends to bring further updates to the technology like Quick links for Alexa, which are designed in the applications and websites in such a way to automatically launch itself whenever a user clicks on it. Amazon’s Alexa Conversations AI-powered dialog builder uses machine learning to automatically accomplish some functions involved in developing Skills. The company further announced that in addition to the features, Alexa Skills has also doubled up as compared to the last year.


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