Samsung to launch Hand Gesture Control on Galaxy Watch 3


Technology is continuously evolving to make life more practical and easier. We are seeing an extraordinary evolution in smart devices even including features to save lives, especially in smartwatches. Samsung has developed a new smartwatch that can be controlled with our hand gestures.

    Samsung announced their new device – Galaxy Watch 3 and it is unique. The user will be able to answer calls with the new galaxy watch 3 simply by clenching and unclenching their fists. The watch allows user free to speak out loud with his caller via the new loudspeaker. The built-in speaker helps wearers to speak freely without craning their neck or holding their wrist to the mouth like an undercover agent. If you do not want to answer a call, simply shake your hand and the call will be ignored. 

      You can also take photographs and record videos by making a fist and opening it again. The watch also comes with fall detection. The watch will ring for 60 seconds if it senses a tumble. If you don’t turn in it off, the watch will alert emergency responders giving them both your locations and a recording. The watch has options of telling the phone to dial an emergency number after the 60 seconds.

    Samsung has also added features for the visually impaired. You can control the size of text and icons on your watch to be bigger or smaller if need and you can also use a colour lens to give more contrast to lessen eye strain. The watch will also accommodate all the features of previous versions of Samsung smartwatches such as ECG and blood pressure monitoring.

      The watch will be available at a smaller 1.2-inch (41 mm) size and supposed to have additional availability at 1.77 inches (45 mm). They unveiled a physical rotating dial just like the previous Galaxy Watch models but different from the Galaxy Watch Active 2’s virtual touch. The buttons of galaxy watch 3 are a little larger than the older models. Videos show that the new Galaxy Watch 3 has an IP68 water resistance with a 5 ATM rating. This allows wearers to take deep diving to about 164 feet (50 meters) for up to 10 minutes.


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